Force Development
Developmental Education


The Secretary of the Air Force (SecAF) and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force have placed mentoring at the top of their priorities. MyVector--a web-based, mentoring and development tool custom built for the Air Force--supports this priority. 


The fundamental role of mentoring is to develop well-rounded, professional Airmen by sharing resources, expertise, values, competencies, perspectives, and attitudes.  Air Force Manpower, Personnel and Services (AF/A1) enhanced MyVector (formerly known as the Career Path Tool) to assist Airmen in creating strong mentoring partnerships while being actively involved in their career development. The SecAF is anticipating that commander emphasis and the reconfigured, standardized platform for mentoring will promote career development and support Diversity and Inclusion, Comprehensive Airman Fitness, and Total Force Integration initiatives.


MyVector is for all Airmen--Civilians, Regular Air Force, Guard and Reserve can all benefit from the mentoring, knowledge sharing and career planning capabilities within MyVector. Mentors and mentees can review past experience, plan for career development and use tools like the bullet tracker, discussion forums, and the "Find A Mentor" capability.  In cases where Airmen cannot find a mentor through the match capability that meets their desired criteria, they can by-name request a mentor that is registered in MyVector using that individual's email address through the "Direct Connect" tab.


If the email address is not found, the Airman should request the desired mentor register in MyVector in order to establish a mentoring relationship within the site. We encourage Airmen to return regularly, as new mentors are registering and building profiles daily. Mentor/mentee relationships are private and their relationship/communications are not visible to any others. Mentors are selected by mentees based on whom they admire/respect, have career field expertise, or who have appropriate insight into professional and personal development. Sister-service and political appointees can also register and search for or become mentors. MyVector is not mandatory, but the SecAF encourages everyone to "seek a mentor, be a mentor;" MyVector provides a platform to do so.


Duty history and record data in MyVector is retrieved from either the Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) for military personnel or the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) for the civilians.  The DCPDS data is not currently as robust as the data in MilPDS and also has data issues that are being resolved. For this reason, the career pyramid is not as helpful for a civilian at this time, but it can be used by the mentor to show the standard career field and also can be used as the basis for a career conversation. Additionally, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard personnel who are also civilians may initially only have access to their civilian MyVector profile. 


Reserve and Guard personnel who want to view their other record should put in a help desk ticket request, and technicians will respond to change the data the member wishes to review. MyVector will have increased capabilities for the Reserve and Guard in Fall 2015 with the release of configurations that enable personnel to choose between viewing their military and civilian records.  In addition to being able to choose between their military and civilian records, future iterations will also incorporate component specific career paths and bring Reserve Career Field Managers/Major Command Functional Managers into the system. Sister service personnel and political appointees will not have access to their duty histories or records, as MyVector does not have access to their duty records.


MyVector can be accessed through a link on the Air Force portal or accessed directly from MyVector. Initial registration will require a Common Access Card (CAC) and your social security number (SSN).  SSNs, in combination with the Airman's CAC, enable a seamless log-in and access to the personnel records stored in MilPDS and DCPDS. Without this vital information, MyVector would be unable to link your session with your underlying data (specifically education and duty experience).  The development team has ensured that all SSNs are encrypted both in transit (over the network) and at rest (when stored on a server). Additionally, the Twenty-fourth Air Force - Air Forces Cyber - has completed a review of the security of the system as well as ensured all Information Assurance requirements have been met.


Mentoring information and resources are available at MyVector without a CAC. Our goal is to deliver log-in and password capability in Fall 2015, as we recognize our Reserve component members may not always have CAC access.


Air Force Force Development Integration (AF/A1DI) is the point of contact for the MyVector website. User guides and a help function are available on the site.