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Officer Air Battle Uniform


  • The top button of the ABU coat will not be fastened; however, all other buttons will be secured at all times

  • ABU coat consist of rank insignia, digitized tiger stripe printed Air Force service and name tag tape and solid colored occupational badge(s)

  • OFFICERS: wear either subdued solid colored cloth or subdued metal pin-on grade insignia

  • ABU cloth badges will be worn

  • The Air Force Command Insignia is worn on wearer's right side. Current commanders wear the cloth insignia centered, a half inch above the name tag when in ABUs. If authorized, graduated commanders wear the cloth insignia centered, half an inch below the name tag on the upper ABU pocket flap. The Air Force Command Insignia is mandatory.

  • If authorized, subdued chaplain, aeronautical and space badges are mandatory and will always be worn in the highest position

  • Subdued Security Forces, Fire Protection, and Office of Special Investigations duty shields are authorized for wear on the left pocket of the ABU

  • No other patches are authorized on the ABU (this includes the Command Insignia)

  • The bottom of the ABU coat will rest at the hips

  • Pockets will be secured and items stowed in pockets will not be visible except pens stowed in the pen pocket

  • Commanders may authorize sleeves to be rolled up on the ABU coat; however, the cuffs will remain visible and the sleeve will rest at, or within 1 inch of, the forearm when the arm is bent at a 90-degree angle

  • The ABU coat may be removed in immediate work area as determined appropriate by local leadership

  • When ABU coat is removed, t-shirt will be worn

  • A desert sand t-shirt will be worn under the ABU coat and tucked into the trousers

  • Tucking the ABU trousers into the boots is optional. When tucked in or bloused, the trouser must be evenly bloused (gathered in and draped over loosely) over the combat boot and must present a bloused appearance

  • A tan one piece nylon web belt will be worn with ABU trousers

  • Boots will be suede, either sage green or tan

  • Excess boot lace will wrap around the top of the boot and tucked in

  • Individuals may sew down pockets but no local policy will be established to make it mandatory

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