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Air Force releases major, captain reduction-in-force board results

Posted 10/28/2011   Updated 10/28/2011 Email story   Print story


by Eric M. Grill
Air Force Personnel, Service and Manpower Public Affairs

10/28/2011 - RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas  -- Commanders Air Force-wide were notified Oct. 24 of the results of the Calendar Year 2011 Reduction-in-Force Board held at the Air Force Personnel Center here in September.

The CY11 RIF board, which considered captains and majors in the Line of the Air Force competitive category, is part of the Air Force's fiscal 2011 force management program. The force management program blends voluntary and involuntary programs in order to meet the Air Force's congressionally mandated end-strength of 332,800 officers and enlisted Airmen by Sept. 30, 2012.

The board considered 8,832 officers and selected more than 95-percent for retention.

The objective of the board was to retain the best-qualified officers according to the "whole-person" concept used in promotion boards, Air Force officials said.

Officers not selected for retention must separate by Mar 1, 2012.

When the RIF board was announced in February 2011, officials said the goal was to target up-to10 percent of the officers meeting the board. Since then, Voluntary Separation Pay was offered to the RIF-board eligible officers as an incentive to encourage officers in overage competitive categories and specific year groups to separate early.

About 10-percent of the RIF-eligible officers applied for VSP. The Air Force approved the maximum number of VSP applications without adversely impacting mission capabilities known to be critical at that time, officials said. Applicants in critical career fields or with skill sets essential to the Air Force mission, and those with lengthy Active Duty Service Commitments, were generally disapproved for VSP.

Approximately 650 officers who applied for VSP and were turned down, were required by law to still meet the CY11 RIF board.

All officers not selected for retention will receive full separation pay and any remaining financial obligations will not be recouped. The officers and their immediate family members are also eligible for two years base commissary and exchange privileges and will receive 180 days of post-separation medical benefits.

For those separating officers, Airman and family readiness centers provide transition support through transition assistance planning and veterans' benefits seminars.

These seminars include information on opportunities available in the Air Force Reserve, the Air National Guard, Air Force civil service and the private sector, as well as educational options available with the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Senior Air Force leaders encourage Airmen to consider opportunities along the Air Force continuum of service of Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard.

For information about this, and other personnel issues, visit the Air Force Personnel Services website at

11/8/2011 8:45:06 AM ET
Pilot AFGSC - You were doing well until this comment Maybe once you guys in the MSG can understand the difference between a cargo plane and bomber then you can continue making rank.A very immature and ignorant comment. Fortunately I've worked with enough flyers to know your views aren't across the board. And if stats are ever released showing which career fields got hit the hardest I'd be willing to bet more operators were RIF'd as opposed to us ignorant MSG types.
Cyber Guy, Pentagon
11/4/2011 3:23:20 PM ET
Nonpilot plenty of pilots applied for VSP and were denied due to critical shortages HOWEVER the RIF looked at all career fields and plenty of pilots were then RIFd. Regarding your comment about fighter pilots at the top look at your CSAF who never flew fighters or bombers. Maybe once you guys in the MSG can understand the difference between a cargo plane and bomber then you can continue making rank.
Pilot, AFGSC
11/4/2011 10:51:06 AM ET
Deployed Afghanistan Just want to say I see your point but some of us have raised our hands to deploy only to be shot down due to lack of experience and other reasons. So don't view all of us non-deployers as non-volunteers Just sayin'-- and get home safe.
Ann, Fort Belvoir
11/4/2011 9:37:21 AM ET
How long do you think until they erase all these comments like they did with all the negative comments about the unfairness of the VSP The best way to make people think everybody's happy with bad decisions is to hide all the comments of those who aren't right
Bob, USA
11/4/2011 9:31:47 AM ET
Any successful business would only cut people AFTER the programs they are working on are gone. You don't cut people first and expect to do the same amount of work that you did before. Yet that is exactly wht the Air Force is doing. Cut people let those who are left do even more decreasing morale overall just so we can have a few more jets.
Matt, Tyndall
11/3/2011 1:00:48 PM ET
I most definately agree with those who say the AF is too top heavy. Lets get rid of some of this overhead and fix the problems of retention. What they do not understand is by cutting some of these good officers and good enlisted folks is they are loosing so many years of experience something that cannot be gained back over night. How about they cut the dirtbags instead those who do not conform to the military PT failures Art 15ers and the scum of the pool. Loose 4 generals and gain 5 good enlisted and 3 good officers.... I guess common sense doesn't apply in this case....
MH, Cannon AFB
11/3/2011 11:32:19 AM ET
Not sure lack of deployments is the way to go with who to cut. Some of us are doing our job - demanding jobs - here in CONUS.Hell I volunteered for deployments for the last 5 years and could never get released by my commander to go.
21M ICBMer, Vandenberg AFB
11/3/2011 9:57:12 AM ET
Did anyone think about guard units that have no mission like the 150th in Kirtland that just got rid of their airplanes What are they doing There is a lot of abuse there.
Anon, kirtland
11/2/2011 11:50:03 PM ET
I got cut through the RIF because of a mistake I made as a 2Lt. I learned from my mistake and overcame all the challenges and obstacles associated with it. I even worked twice as hard as many others fully embodying this whole person concept you refer to. Not only did I perform 9 to 14 hour days but I also completed SOS pursued a masters degree was an active member of the CGOC even MAJCOM level winner and led numerous wing wide fundraisers and events benefiting the USAF and local communities. I also deployed during my commitment and never once shied away from it but relished this opportunity. My career field is struggling but I was willing to take on the added burden which resulted from down sizing. Unfortunately for me the one mistake USAF which I was preached to since my first day of ROTC 11 years ago didn't exist turned out to be just that. I had already suffered the consequences of my mistake twice already and now although I've continued to show a commitment to the
RIFfed Officer, USAF
11/2/2011 2:19:12 PM ET
I agree it was a great life. Now my 14 year and 9 month military career is over. Just have to figure out how to pay for my daughter's 1Kmonth medication. Not like civilian health care won't consider it a preexisting condition. BTW I applied for an Interservice Transfer to the Army and the AF denied my request Said I was too critical. I guess I wasn't that critical after all. NowI don't get to finish my Active Duty career because I don't have the required retainability to apply for the transfer again. Have an Outstanding hollowed out AF Day.
Career Intel, Charlottesville
11/2/2011 1:43:03 PM ET
Having been through 3 Force Shaping and RIF boards I know how hard the process is. But in all honesty the criteria for VSP and the RIF are different. For the VSP officials mainly looked at what AFSC you were in and what ADSC's you had. For the RIF board they looked at your total performance. If you were found to be in the bottom 5 percent you were not retained. It wasn't up the the VSP officials to determine what kind of officer you were. No system is perfect but I do recognize the irony. I know people who applied for VSP were denied and ultimately retained. It works both ways.
Been There, USA
11/2/2011 3:24:25 AM ET
No longer is it Aim High - Air Force now it is Air Force - Just A Job. We workdeploy our young officers to death always away from their family even when they are at home station and then mercilessly cut them. The actions of petty potentates and paper pushers.
Randy, Ramstein
11/1/2011 12:37:22 PM ET
Would love to see the percentage of Definitely Retain given to pilots. This is the reason the AF is top heavy decisions are made with eyes on the prizeF35 not force development. I agree with Jerry NAF's are useless ways of giving fighter pilots G O posisitions even though the mission barely exists. AF is a good ole boys network that continues to hook up their drinking buddy over the more qualified leader in a mission support career field.
NonPilot, ACC
11/1/2011 9:35:23 AM ET
The real kick in the pants is some of these folks are currently deployed. The rule is they can be given as little as 60 days to outprocess which means serve out your deployment and then get out. Personally they should have focused on those who got in trouble -- Art 15 and the like -- and then those that have never deployed.
Deployed, Afghanistan
11/1/2011 9:31:57 AM ET
When is the Air Force going to have a general officer reduction in force board You could keep 3 Majors if you got rid of 1 General. The Air Force just gets more and more top heavy every year. Get rid of the Numbered Air Forces and all the General Officers and support staff required to support them. Move the staff to direct war fighting roles.
Jerry, Oklahome
11/1/2011 8:10:03 AM ET
How is it possible to deny VSP and still RIF somebody I understand that cutting costs and manpower to meet budget is important but it's both mean and unfair to deny VSP to someone who's served honorably and then give them the boot a couple of months later.
Joe, USA
11/1/2011 7:26:01 AM ET
I don't ever recall the USAF being a secure place of employment I enlisted in 1987 and we have been in a drawdown ever since.
Tom, Robins AFB GA
10/31/2011 5:05:50 PM ET
Unfortunately that's not how it works. Those are 2 entirely separate processes...the VSP program put the brakes on when they hit their critical mass there were only so many they could allow out early since everyone was STILL meeting the board...the RIF was round 2 and theoretically if they let out all the 11Xs who wanted out and a significant remainder of those left had negative quality indicators then they're dipping far below their sustainability. They didn't whack at career fields this time they looked at the entire year group--all of em together one mass board no exemptions no quotas per career field. If all the Art 15s are in one career field then all those folks are getting cut from that career field...
JLo, Omaha NE
10/31/2011 2:27:21 PM ET
I agree with Brian. The AF used to be sold as a great way of life and a place for a career. This story proves that it now just another j. o. b.
Titan, US
10/31/2011 12:56:10 PM ET
I remember the days when Military life was secure and a great place to raise a appears that those days are over.
Brian, Peterson AFB CO
10/31/2011 12:50:29 PM ET
I personally know of at least 5 folks that were DENIED VSP because they were critical to the AF mission only to be RIFed by the board. How can the AF do that with a straight face? You denied them VSP and the extra money that went with it only to throw them out 4 months later.I smell a BIG Congressional investigation on the actions of the board especially with regards to folks denied VSP then kicked out.
Herk Crewdog, USA
10/31/2011 12:25:00 PM ET
As someone who survived the '92 RIF only to be passed over for major 3 years later I'm here to tell you that there is successful life after the USAF. It will hurt for a while but lick your wounds and start a new chapter of your life. Everyone comes to a hurdle in his career that is either too high or he is unwilling to jump over. Don't forget to be proud of what you have done
David Christiansen, Ft Sam Houston TX
10/28/2011 12:15:10 PM ET
So 11X VSP applicants are mostly denied on the grounds that the career field cannot withstand cuts. However, this logic does not seem to have been applied in the RIF where we have seen many 11Xs affected at many locations. To deny those who would leave voluntarily only to cut good officers who wish to stay later in the process is nothing short of criminal. Leadership, Don't be surprised to see a significant number of congressionals filed as morale in your flying squadrons plummets.
Tanker , AETC
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