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Step 1: Learn About It

Step 2: Put it into Practice

You can practice Reframing by taking these steps:

  1. Objectively describe the event.
  2. Identify your beliefs or thoughts about the event.
    • Examples: I’m going to fail.; I hate him.; Nobody likes me.
  3. Describe the consequences based on your beliefs; these are your feelings or behaviors about the event.
    • Examples: Anxious, happy, yelled, slammed the door
  4. If your beliefs are harmful, ReFrame your thoughts to create new positive or productive consequences. Ask yourself:
  5. How could you interpret the situation in a way that strengthens your relationships?
  6. How could you interpret the situation in a way that will bring a productive emotional response?

You can use this exercise to overcome your fears and doubts.

Write down negative thoughts that are preventing you from reaching your goal. Write them under “Tick.”

Examine the negatives. Are you blowing things out of proportion?

Substitute an objective, positive thought for each subjective, negative one. Write those under “Tock.”

For example:

  • Tick: I’m inarticulate when I’m nervous.
  • Tock: If I take a breath before I speak, thing will be easier. I know what I need to know. I’m ready for this.

Adapted from Michalko, M. (2006) Thinkertoys: A Handbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques (Paperback 2nd edition) Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA

Step 3: W(RAP) it up

W(RAP) It Up: Create a plan to move forward.

You’ve learned how to use ReFraming to respond to challenges positively, which is an essential part of being resilient. Click on the link below, print it out and think about: what should you stop doing, continue doing, and start doing.

Step 4: Explore Further

To learn more, explore our recommended resources.