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High School Senior Assignment Deferral


The High School Senior Assignment Deferral (HSSAD) program is designed to decrease turbulence and increase stability for military families with dependent children entering their senior year of high school. HSSAD policy applies to active-duty officers (0-5 and below) and enlisted members (E-8 and below). HSSAD requests are considered on a case-by-case basis with the goal of approving as many requests as possible while meeting mission needs. The appropriate Air Force’s Personnel Center assignment team approves HSSAD requests.


Consecutive deferments may be requested. Each Airman of a military couple may apply for a HSSAD if each meets the eligibility criteria, their join-spouse intent code is A or B, and they apply concurrently. Since the program is designed to keep the family stable, military members are still susceptible to dependent-restricted tours, deployments and temporary duty (TDY).


Officer applications must be received during the child's junior year of high school (no earlier than Oct. 1 and no later than July 1) and before being placed on assignment.


To be eligible for this program:

-The dependent child must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) and reside with the sponsor

-The dependent child's high school counselor confirms the dependent's current school grade and projected senior year graduation date in a memorandum

-Formal request must be submitted from the Airman to the commander and local Force Support Squadron (FSS)


The personnel records of Airmen approved for a HSSAD are updated in the Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) with Assignment Availability Code (AAC) 85. The availability date is the first day of the second month after the dependent's high school senior graduation date. For example, if the graduation date is May 31 May, the availability date to relocate is July 1 or a later date eligible to return from overseas (DEROS) date.

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