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Combat-Related Special Compensation

Combat-Related Special Compensation

The Air Force Combat- Related Special Compensation program is managed by the USAF's Physical Disability Division of the Air Force Personnel Center.


Combat-Related Special Compensation is a monthly compensation paid for combat-related disabilities. CRSC was designed to restore a veteran's military retirement pay with tax-free dollars after it has been offset by VA compensation when sufficient evidence exists to confirm the veteran's disability is combat-related.


In order for members to be eligible for CRSC, they must meet all of the following criteria:

Be eligible to receive military retirement pay for one of the following reasons:

  • Served in the Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard with 20 years of creditable service;

  • Served in the Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard and is also a permanent medical retiree (Chapter 61) regardless of years served;

  • Served in the Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard and is classified as a Temporary Disability Retirement List retiree regardless of years served; or

  • Served in the Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard and is classified as a Temporary Early Retirement Act retiree with 15-19 years served.


    Have 10 percent or greater VA rated injury that is combat-related.


    Military retirement pay is reduced by VA disability payments (VA Waiver).


    Must be able to provide documentation that injury was combat-related (see Appendix A of
    DD Form 2860)


To apply for CRSC, claimants should review the eligibility requirements. Once eligibility is determined, the claimant should gather the following documentation, and complete a claim form for CRSC using DD Form 2860Claim for Combat-Related Special Compensation:


  • Copies of their DD Form 214 or 215 (Be sure to keep to retain a copy)

  • Retirement Orders

  • Copies of all VA Rating Decisions for claimed disabilities

  • In service medical records for claimed disabilities from the time of the injury or diagnosis of conditions.  Sending the entire medical record is not necessary.

  • Any other pertinent supporting documents such as accident reports, incident reports, etc.

Once complete, the claimant should mail their packet to the Air Force Personnel Center at:

550 C Street West
Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, TX 78150-4708


In the case that a claimant does not agree with the determination, the claimant can submit a request to the Air Force CRSC Program Office for reconsideration of a decision.

To appeal the board's disapproval of a reconsideration request, claimants may file a DD Form 149, Application for Correction of Military Record, with any additional supporting documents to the Air Force Board of Correction of Military Records.

550 C Street West
Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph, TX 78150-4708

Be sure to include:

  • A signed authorization request to re-open claim.
  • New supporting documentation that may positively reverse or improve an award decision.
  • Documentation of any VA rating change.
  • In the case of recent VA disability rating changes, simply send in those relevant pages and they will be matched up with those in the original claim. If the claimant was approved for CRSC and their VA disability ratings changed, please request reconsideration.


Agent Orange: As of Oct. 30, 2010, eligible Vietnam-era veterans exposed to herbicides and disabled by chronic b-cell leukemia, Parkinson's disease, or ischemic heart disease, may begin receiving disability and health care benefits on approved claims. Vietnam veterans may apply for disability compensation for these diseases using Veterans Affairs Fast Track Claims Processing System.

Veterans with Thailand Service: Vietnam-era veterans who served in Thailand on or near the perimeters of military bases may have been exposed to herbicides and may qualify for VA benefits.

Chapter 61 Updates: The 2008 National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law Jan. 28, 2008. Guidance to implement this program was received June 9, 2008. This act expands the eligibility of CRSC to include anyone receiving military retired pay. This includes Medical Chapter 61, Temporary Early Retirement Act and Temporary Disabled Retirement List retirees. These new eligible components for CRSC went into effect Jan. 1, 2008. Medical and TERA retirees must still provide documentation that shows a causal link between a current VA disability and a combat-related event. To apply, individuals need to complete a DD Form 2860 with the required documentation attached. For more information call 800-525-0102, select option 5 and then option 1.

Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website for more information and additional updates.

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550 C Street West
JBSA - Randolph, TX 78150
Phone:  210-565-0102


Once the CRSC claims are approved, AFPC will send approval documents to both the claimant and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service. DFAS will calculate the CRSC payment and the claimant should start receiving their payment within 60 to 90 working days of receiving the approval letter. All inquiries of payment should be directed to DFAS at 800-321-1080.


10 USC §1413a. Combat-related special compensation, created by Pub. L. 107-314

DD Form 2860, Claim for Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC), Appendix A