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Key Spouse Program

The U.S. Air Force Key Spouse Program (KSP) is an official Air Force Unit Family Readiness Program designed to enhance readiness, personal/family resiliency and establish a sense of Air Force community. Key Spouses are commander-appointed and serve as a vital resource to command teams in an effort to support Air Force families. The strategic vision is to increase resiliency and unit cohesion amongst military members and their families throughout the military life cycle. 


This commander program promotes partnerships with unit leadership, Key Spouses, family members, the Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) and other community and helping agencies. In March 2009, the KSP was standardized across the Air Force to address the needs of all Air Force families. The KSP provides service-minded volunteers an opportunity to contribute to their communities, with a special emphasis on support to families throughout all phases of the deployment cycle.



Promotes individual, family, and unit readiness and resiliency

Establishes and maintains continuous contact with spouses and families

Encourages peer-to-peer Wingman support amongst spouses and families

Builds family links to leadership

Provides an informal sounding board to leadership

Strengthens leadership’s support team



Increased awareness of installation and community resources

Identified/resolved issues at lowest levels

Enhanced up and down information flow

Prepared and supported families during separations/deployments

Increased sense of unit support

Improved quality of life amongst unit families

Increased readiness and retention

Enhanced individual and family resilience


The goal is to have a cadre of trained volunteers who can support your unit’s military families in an official capacity. 


The Commander’s Guide provides commanders with information and resources to help units manage their official KSP. The guide is designed to provide a practical approach to develop an effective unit KSP, with tips and tools to assist commanders in recruiting, interviewing and selecting unit Key Spouse(s) and Key Spouse Mentor(s).


The KS and KSM Guides provide volunteers with guidance, information and resources on how to meet the expectations of their role and vision set forth by their unit commander.

Commanders Key Spouse Guide
Mentors Key Spouse Guide
Key Spouse Program Guide
Airman and Family Readiness
Child Education
Emergency Preparedness
Exceptional Family Member Program Support
Personal and Work Life
Spouse Education and Career Opportunities


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