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Leave Program

About the Leave Program

Leave accrues at the rate of 2 1/2 calendar days per month. Congress recognizes that military requirements may prevent members from using their planned leave. Thus, the law permits members to accrue a maximum of 60 days (the maximum that may be carried over into the next fiscal year. The expression "use or lose" means that leave in excess of 60 days is lost if not used by the end of the FY (September 30).


Leave must begin and end in the local area. The term "local area" means the place of residence from which the member commutes to the duty station on a daily basis.


Members do not earn leave when they are absent without leave (AWOL), in an unauthorized absence status, serving a court-martial sentence, or in an excess leave status.


Members can be paid for unused leave at certain points in their career, such as reenlistment, voluntary retirements, separation, or discharge. By law, members may receive accrued leave payment up to a maximum of 60 days during their military career. When a member "sells" leave, he/she receives one day of base pay for each day of leave "sold." However, the legislative history of the law clearly expresses congressional concern that members use leave to relax from the pressures of duties and not as a method of compensation.


For members on Terminal Leave, the Career Development Element retains Part III of the Air Force Form 988 in the member‘s relocation folder. For Other Than Ordinary leave requests, excluding Terminal and Permissive Temporary Duty (PTDY) in conjunction with Terminal leave, Part III of the leave request is destroyed after the review block is closed.


In accordance with AFI 36-3003, Military Leave Program, Table 4.5, Rule 19, married members on active duty, whose spouse gives birth to a child, may take up to 10 days of Permissive TDY, as approved by the unit commander. Guidance and policy on Parental Leave remains unchanged.


Parental Leave governed by AFI 36-3003, is separate from the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allowance for military services to provide up to 21 days of leave for secondary caregivers. Department of Defense policy has not yet been revised to implement leave for secondary caregivers. Therefore, current Air Force policy remains at 10 days for Parental Leave as governed by AFI 36-3003.


Title 37 USC 501, Payments for Unused Accrued Leave, is the authority for payment of accrued leave upon reenlistment, retirement, separation under honorable conditions, or death. It limits payment of accrued leave to 60 days in a military career effective Feb. 10, 1976. A military career includes former service in enlisted or officer status. Cumulative payment for accrued leave as an enlisted member, officer, or both cannot exceed 60 days.


DOD 7000.14.R, volume 7A, Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation (Military Pay Policy and Procedures Active Duty and Reserve Pay), April 2013, states when members carry leave forward or receive payment for accrued leave when separating with or without immediate reentry on active duty. See your financial services office for detailed information on payment of accrued leave.

Benefits and Entitlements
Civilian Leave Program


Ordinary leave can be processed by submitting a leave request via the LeaveWeb accessed through the AF Portal. If users are unable to access LeaveWeb, they can contact their local Military Personnel Section to establish a LeaveWeb account.

Leave requests are then submitted to the supervisor/approving official. The supervisor/AO approves or disapproves the request. If the supervisor disapproves the request, they must provide remarks prior to submitting the disapproval and the request is returned to the member. Once the supervisor/AO approves the request, LeaveWeb sends the leave request to the LeaveWeb Monitor within the MPS for validation.

The MPS reviews the member‘s leave request for accuracy and compliance with AFI 36-3003. After validation, LeaveWeb assigns a leave number to the member and a system generated email notification is sent with final leave authorization for the request.