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Air Force Voting

Voting Assistance Program

The Air Force Voting Assistance Program works to ensure Airmen and their eligible family members are aware of their right to vote and have the tools and   resources to successfully do so anywhere in the world.  

Points of Contact

Installation Voter Assistance Office
All major Air Force bases have an Installation Voter Assistance (IVA) Office located at the Airman & Family Readiness Center. Voting Assistance Officers at A&FRCs are available to provide information and assistance.  Contact information for Air Force IVA Offices can be found at IVA Office Contact Information.

Federal Voting Assistance Program
People can access many voting related resources, questions and answers on the Federal Voting Assistance Program website 

Total Force Service Center

Twenty four-hour voting assistance is available at myPers - Total Force Service Center from a CAC-enabled, .mil computer. Interested individuals can also call the TFSC at 1-800-525-0102.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am deployed?
While deployed members may be able to vote at their local polls before deploying or when they return, most deployed members must use the absentee voting process if they want to vote. Local briefings during deployment processing phase should encourage deploying members to take a copy of two voting forms with them:  a Federal Post Card Application and a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot.  

People can contact their IVA Office for information or assistance before, during and after your deployment at IVA Office Contact Information.  In the event you are unable to contact your IVA Office, 24-hour voting assistance is available at myPers - Total Force Service Center from a CAC-enabled, .mil computer. Interested individuals can also call the TFSC at 1-800-525-0102.

Why is voting different for military members and their families?

Military voting is different because extended or overseas absences can prevent service members from using normal state voting rules. A special law, called the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, requires that the states and territories allow certain groups to register and vote absentee in federal elections. 

Who is eligible to vote under the UOCAVA law?
All members of the U.S. uniformed services (on active duty), including Merchant Marines, their family members and U.S. citizens residing outside the U.S. 

How do I vote by absentee ballot?

Elections are managed individually by state governments, which means there are 55 different sets of rules for absentee voting by Service members, their eligible family members and overseas citizens.  The basic steps are:

1.   You register to vote and request an absentee ballot by filling out the Federal Post Card Application, and sending it to your election office in your State of legal residence.

2.   Once the application is approved, the election office sends an absentee ballot to the individual.

3.   After that, complete and return the voted absentee ballot to your election office by your State's deadline. 

State rules, required forms and phone numbers for local election and voting offices can be found in the Voting Assistance Guide

Where is my "legal voting residence?
A proper legal voting residence is critical to ensuring a state’s timely approval of the registration, absentee ballot request and transmittal of the ballot to the voter. The
voting residence is within your state of legal residence or domicile. It is the true, fixed address that one considers to be the permanent home and where you have/had a physical presence.  

State of legal residence and voting residence is sometimes mistaken for home of record. Your voting residence may be the same as your home of record but needs to be updated if and when one decides to establish a new state of legal residence. Military spouses and eligible family members may retain the sponsor’s or service member’s residency, keep the current and established residency or take the appropriate steps to establish a new residency. 

To claim a new legal residence or domicile, consult the legal office since there may be other factors to consider such as tax implications and qualification for in-state tuition rates.   

Regardless of the legal voting residency, the election office needs your current contact information. The most efficient way to maintain your current contact info is to complete a Federal Post Card Application annually, with every change of address and at least 90 days prior to the election. 


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Benefits and Entitlements
Airman and Family Readiness


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AF officials are currently accepting submissions for the 2018 Lance P. Sijan Leadership Award. All nomination packages are due to AFPC by Aug. 31, 2018. Read more at #AFPC #Airman #AirForce" target="_blank">https://go.usa.gov/xU5sE #AFPC #Airman #AirForce</a>
Joint Officer qualification is a significant achievement--the culmination of education and experience. With the new joint tour credit changes directed in the 2017 NDAA, you&#39;ll have even more opportunities to get joint credit. The recent update to DoDI 1300.19, OSD Joint Officer Management, adjusts deployment credits of 24 points or more to qualify an officer for full joint credit. AFPC manages the Joint Qualification program for the Air Force and has the information you need on these changes. For a complete overview on how to become a Joint Qualified Officer, go to Https://myPers.af.mil -> Assignment-> Total Force Joint Officer Management.
Are you interested in retraining? Noncommissioned officers interested in transferring to the Air Force’s newest enlisted aviation Air Force Specialty Code, Enlisted RPA Pilot (1U1XX), have until Oct. 31 to submit their applications to meet the next selection board. The complete application package includes an Air Force initial flying class II physical examination plus a pilot qualification test. The Enlisted RPA Pilot Selection Board will convene in January 2019 to fill training slots for fiscal years 2019 and 2020 as part of the Air Force’s ongoing initiative to integrate enlisted pilots into RQ-4 Global Hawk flying operations. Would you like to know more? Visit the Enlisted RPA Pilot webpage www.afpc.af.mil/Retraining/Enlisted-RPA/ #AirForce #AFPC
EQUAL Opens July 18 The window for Enlisted Overseas Returnee/CONUS Mandatory Mover EQUAL Schedule for Nov/Dec/Jan 2018-2019 opens on July 18. You can view the schedule logging into AFPCSecure on myPers, or at your local personnel office. The Overseas Active Duty Enlisted Quarterly Assignment Listing will open Aug. 8. For more information on assignments, go to www.afpc.af.mil/Assignment/ #AFPC
Do you think you could pass the Battlefield Airman Fitness Assessment? The new Battlefield Airman fitness standards and policy updates are online and available at http://www.afpc.af.mil/Career-Management/Fitness-Program/. ALO and TACP Airmen must take the Tier 2 Operator Fitness Test, or OFT, with the goal of achieving a component standard score of 2 or more on the 10-point component test scale for all components AND a composite score of 46 or more on the 100-point composite test scale. Download the OFT standards from our website and get ready to test yourself against these rigorous standards.#AFPC #AirForce
Air Force Recruiting Service is seeking former recruiters! Looking for current SSgt-MSgt having served in Recruiting Duty with a minimum of 36 months experience interested in returning as a Tier II or III Recruiter. For questions, or to apply, contact the AFRS Screening Team via e-mail at AFRS.rst@us.af.mil.
Air Force officials selected 8,416 staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant in the 18E6 promotion cycle. The promotion list will post July 19. Click the graphic for details. #AFPC #AirForce
18E5 Staff Sergeant Promotion Cycle File Freeze The file freeze will be effective July 25. Any data that is updated in Military Personnel Data System after July 25 for the 18E5 promotion cycle will not reflect on your Data Verification Record (DVR). If your eligibility status changes or an update is required after July 25, your MPF must contact the AFPC Enlisted Promotions office via email. Please use email subject line: "18E5 DVR Update Request." For more information on reviewing your DVR, go to www.afpc.af.mil/Promotion/DVR-Review/
AF rolls out FY18 Expanded Aviation Bonus Program Air Force officials have released the Expanded Aviation Bonus Program for FY18, making more than 2,000 additional aviators eligible for aviation bonuses. The expanded program targets aviators beyond their initial service commitment who previously declined to sign long-term bonus contracts. It also targets aviators who have expired contracts and those who were never previously offered a contract. All eligible aviators are encouraged to consider available options, make a decision and act promptly. The application window for eligible aviators under the Expanded Aviation Bonus Program ends at midnight (CDT) Aug. 25. AFPC will send targeted messages to all aviators who are now potentially eligible under the expanded program. This announcement does not change the Sept. 30 deadline for aviators in the original Aviation Bonus Program. Visit #AFPC" target="_blank">https://myPers.af.mil and search “AvB” for details. #AFPC</a>
Ever wonder what’s on your permanent record? Your Military Human Resource Record, or MHRR, can contain information such as enlistments, appointments, duty stations and assignments, qualifications, performance, awards and medals, disciplinary actions, insurance, emergency data, administrative remarks, separation, discharge or retirement (including DD Form 214, Report of Separation or equivalent) and other personnel actions. AFPC currently maintains records of those Airmen who separated or retired on or after Oct. 1, 2004. Do you want to know more? Watch the video, then click the link to visit our new Military Personnel Records webpage! www.afpc.af.mil/Career-Management/Military-Personnel-Records #AFPC (Note - the link to You Tube content may not work on AF networks. The direct link to our new channel is www.youtube.com/user/afpcpa)
Updates to the #AirForce Enlisted Force Structure now available to include changes to promotion requirements for CCAF.
Active-duty officers interested in developing language skills and regional cultural knowledge are encouraged to apply for the DoD Olmsted Scholar Program. Read more at #AFPC #Airman" target="_blank">https://go.usa.gov/xUbWe #AFPC #Airman</a>
The Air Force Voluntary Period of Active Duty program has added multiple opportunities for eligible air reserve component officers. Additions include 12X – Combat Systems, 13M–Airfield Operations, 13N – Nuclear and Missile Operations, 13S – Space Operations, 32E – Civil Engineer, 38F – Force Support, Medical Corps and Dental Corps Air Force Specialty Codes. Detachment commander and instructor opportunities also exist for the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. VLPAD gives certain Reserve and Guard Airmen the chance to serve on extended active duty for three years and one day in order to meet Air Force mission requirements. VLPAD information is available and continuously updated on myPers. Click “Officer/Enlisted Voluntary Limited Period of Active Duty Program” from any Air Reserve component Assignment landing page to find the complete VLPAD AFSC list, detailed eligibility criteria and application procedures for each specific VLPAD program. #AFPC #AirForce
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Are you an active-duty officer interested in becoming a Pilot, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot, Combat Systems Officer or Air Battle Manager? Apply to the 2019 Undergraduate Flying Training selection board! Start the application process right away, as all applicants must be certified as “physically qualified” and require a medical flight screening. Complete applications, to include any approved waivers and exception-to-policy requests, are due to the Air Force’s Personnel Center by Sept. 21. The selection board meets in November. Visit the UFT page on myPers to learn more: Active-duty officer Assignment page->Air Force Special Flying Programs or select “Active Duty Officer” from the myPers dropdown menu and search “Undergraduate” #AFPC_Assignment #AirForce
#AFPC wishes all #Airmen a safe and happy 4th of July holiday! We will have personnel technicians available through midnight July 3rd to help with your personnel needs. We will be back online July 5th to assist with you personnel information needs. Happy Independence Day! #AFPC
Air Force officials recently named the 88th Security Forces Squadron as the winner of the 2018 AFA Verne Orr Award for excellence in managing human resources. Read more at #AFPC #Airman #AirForce" target="_blank">https://go.usa.gov/xUY9Q #AFPC #Airman #AirForce</a>
The Air Force is now accepting applications for the Academic Year 2019 Enlisted to Medical Degree Preparatory Program, or EMDP2. This program offers enlisted Airmen in both the active and air reserve components the opportunity to complete the preparatory coursework for admission to medical school. The deadline for Airmen to submit their Intent to Apply emails to AFPC is Oct 12. Updated eligibility requirements and applications guidelines are listed on myPers. Select “Any” from the dropdown menu and search “EMDP2.” Find additional information about EMDP2 and other enlisted medical commissioning programs on our public website at www.afpc.af.mil/Assignment/Enlisted_Commission/ #AFPC #AirForce
Are you a talented, motivated active-duty officer willing to serve as a role model and instructor? If so, then your Air Force’s Academy needs you! Talk with your chain of command and then submit your volunteer statement to AFPC by Aug. 15. The United States Air Force Academy relies on hundreds of first lieutenants through lieutenant colonels to serve as instructors in a variety of mission areas to include military training, character and leadership development, athletics and academics, in order to educate, train and inspire men and women to become leaders of character. Officers in this special duty assignment will serve a three-year, controlled tour. Most academic positions require a master&#39;s or doctorate degree in a relevant discipline, though a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for other positions with the Commandant of Cadets, Athletic Department and USAFA Preparatory School. For more information, visit myPers and search “USAFA Instructors.” #AFPC #AirForce
Leaving active duty and still want to be part of the team? The PALACE CHASE program allows active-duty Airmen to request early separation from active military service and transfer to a Drill Status Guardsman, Traditional Reservist, Individual Mobilized Augmentee, AGR or Title 5 Dual Status Technician position. Enlisted applicants - Must complete 1/2 of their initial enlistment by the requested date of separation. Officer Applicants - Must have complete 2/3 of the initial total Active Duty Service Commitment by the requested date of separation. For application information, go to https://mypers.af.mil -> Separation -> PALACE CHASE
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