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Battlefield Airmen Skill Incentive Pay

Battlefield Airmen Skill Incentive Pay

This article pertains to Battlefield Airmen. References to "Airmen" in this article relate to officers and enlisted personnel. 


Battlefield Airmen Skill Incentive Pay (BASIP) is a 3-year pilot program utilizing a skill incentive pay in lieu of hazardous duty incentive pays. During this pilot, the Air Force may pay a monthly skill incentive pay to Service members qualified and serving as Battlefield Airmen as defined in Air Force Policy Directive 10-35, dated Feb. 1, 2017.


This new skill incentive pay pursuant to 37 U.S.C. §353, effective immediately, replaces pay currently provided under hazardous duty pay authorities of 37 U.S.C. sections 301, and 351(a)(2). BASIP applies to seven (7) Air Force Specialties: 1C2X1 (Combat Controller), 1C4X1 (Tactical Air Control Party), 1T2X1 (Pararescue), 1W0X2 (Special Operations Weather Tactician), 13CX (Combat Rescue Officer), 13DX (Special Tactics Officer), and 13LX (Air Liaison Officer); all of which are already designated as critical career fields. Pursuant to the attached memorandum, dated 15 September 2017, from the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, BASIP will not exceed $615 per person each month.


The purpose of this change is to remove financial disincentives currently associated with Battlefield Airmen seeking medical care or staff assignments. Under the current pay system, Battlefield Airmen seeking mental and physical care risk losing their Jump, Dive, Demo and Hazardous Duty Pay if the medical community restricts them from performing those duties. Such concerns may delay necessary medical intervention, negatively impacting the Airman's health and the Air Force's readiness.


Required Actions

  • Airmen will be notified of their potential eligibility for BASIP through their chain of command (see BASIP Guidance Memo in Related Resources for eligibility criteria)

  • Supervisor will document the Airman's skill proficiency and eligibility for BASIP on an AF Form 2096

  • Unit Commander will certify the Airman's tiered qualifications

  • Commander Support Staff (CSS) will process the AF Form 2096 in the Case Management System (CMS) (in coordination with Host/Squadron Aviation Resource Management under CMS Case Type: BASIP and route to Defense Finance Accounting Services (DFAS) at "DFAS AC Korea AIP/DFAS AC AIP/WMD" (see BASIP Instructions)

  • Unit CSS will track the required statistics, reportable through unit chain of command monthly to AF Career Field Managers (AF/A3T), per the BASIP Guidance memo

Point of Contact

For question regarding BASIP, Airmen are directed to work through their chain of command or appropriate Career Field Managers.


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