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Stop Movement

Stop Movement is the suspension of permanent change of station and/or temporary duty travel for military members and their family members to a particular location. Stop Movement is implemented during periods of force protection/anti-terrorist concerns, environmental (natural disasters, civil unrest) issues, etc. The program is implemented under the authority of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Airmen who have not out-processed their unit normally remain in place. Airmen en-route but not at port can be directed to remain in-place or directed to the nearest active duty installation to await instructions. Family members traveling on orders with the Airman are also affected. Family integrity is maintained for Stop Movement unless a forced departure (evacuation) of family members has been ordered. The ultimate goal is to ensure Airmen and their dependents do not travel to the affected area for force protection or safety concerns.



Stop movement is most commonly used during natural disasters or national emergencies. The authority to initiate a Stop Movement depends on the situation, but in most instances, it is the Air Force installation commander or senior Air Force official at the affected location.


A request for Stop Movement will be sent to the AFPC Operations Center and info the organizations listed below. The request should identify who is affected by the Stop Movement, e.g., Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, civilians, etc. Normally, the Stop Movement applies to all inbound Airmen and families. Procedural guidance will be provided by the respective component.


Guard and Reserve bases/units should send the requests to their respective HQs and info the AFPC Operations Center and other agencies listed below.



HQ AFPC/OSC, afpc.osc@us.af.mil



HQ AFPC/DP3AM, afpc.dp3am.workflow@us.af.mil

HQ AFPC/DP3FS, afpc.dp3fs.civiliansupportbr@us.af.mil

AFIMSC/IZSL Traffic Mgt (Cargo/Pax), afimsc.izls.trafficmanagement@us.af.mil

HQ AF/A4 Passenger Travel Policy,

HQ/A4LR, usaf.pentagon.af-a4.mbx.a4lr-workflow@mail.mil

AFCAT, usaf.pentagon.af-a3.mbx.afcat-a1@mail.mil

USAF Guard Command Center,

HQ PPA, ppahq.ppo.operations@us.af.mil and ppahq.ppec.customerservice@us.af.mil