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Developmental Education course completion is normally updated automatically in an Airman's personnel record within seven duty days. Airmen should verify course completion by reviewing their vMPF Career Data Brief (CDB) prior to requesting a course completion update.


Only three levels of enlisted military education may be displayed on an Assignment Management System (AMS) Single Unit Retrieval Format (SURF), therefore the member's CDB should be used to verify EPME course completion. If course completion isn't reflected in your personnel records, please take one of the following actions:



Officers must contact HQ AU/CFRO at DSN 493-4776, commercial 334-953-4776, or fax a written request to DSN 493-8127. In your message/fax, please include first and last Name, SSN, e-mail Address, phone number, course ID and completion date. HQ AU/CFRO will contact you as soon as possible.



Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (SEJPME) Updates: Base-level Formal Training Office (FTO) will update SEJPME course completions. Airmen must take the completion certificate to the FTO. FTO have the ability to update SEJPME course completion in Military Personnel Data System. NOTE: Requests to update SEJPME or other DE course completions submitted using the "Request SNCO/NCO Distance Learning Course Update" will be returned without action.


SNCO/NCO Distance Learning Course Updates:  Air Force officials have removed the requirement to complete Courses 14 and 15 for all active component Airmen. Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Airmen will have the option to complete their enlisted professional military education through distance learning or in-residence attendance.


Airmen will no longer be required to complete distance learning prior to in-residence attendance at the noncommissioned officer and senior NCO academies. Active component Airmen will complete EPME in-residence, while Guard and Reserve Airmen can complete through DL or in-residence.


All active component Airmen currently enrolled in Courses 14 or 15 may continue the course or disenroll. Air University will no longer accepted new enrollments from Airmen serving in the active component. Guard and Reserve Airmen currently enrolled are encouraged to complete the course unless they are scheduled to attend EPME in-residence.


Additionally, the Professional Manager Certification requirements have not changed and will continue to require completion of a senior NCO academy course, either by distance learning (if eligible) or in-residence.


Resident EPME Updates: Contact your local FTO for assistance. If necessary, the FTO will elevate to the appropriate office for update.


CDE ensures the Air Force has the right people in the right job at the right time and provides education and leadership opportunities that will prepare Air Force civilians to successfully meet challenges across the wide range of operations and missions. 

The Air Force Civilian Force Development Program offers more than 25 programs to help civilians develop leadership skills and expand their overall knowledge. They include the Civilian Associate Degree Program, Squadron Officer School, Education with Industry, Air Command and Staff College (in residence or the online master’s program), Air Force Legislative Fellows Program, Air War College (in residence), National War College, the Defense Senior Leader Development Program and more.  

Stay informed and up-to-date on the most current CDE information by logging in to https://mypers.af.mil/ using a CAC-enabled computer and selecting Civilian Employee from the dropdown menu and clicking on the Civilian Force Development page.

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