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MyVECTOR is an enterprise solution that supports the Air Force's goal to provide all Airmen career development and mentoring opportunities. Airmen can be proactive about career development and mentoring relationships through three major capabilities:


  • Mentoring – MyVECTOR enables a web-based mentoring network that allows mentees to manage their career development with the input and guidance from a mentor. Mentees will be able to, in real-time, invite participants to serve as mentors, select mentors based on preferences, chat with their mentor online, and complete a mentoring plan.


  • Career Planning – MyVECTOR allows the user to view their duty experience through career field specific experience codes. This structure also allows the user to build career plans based on real opportunities and to share these career plans with development teams and mentors. A Bullet-Tracker option allows the user to track specific events and accomplishments throughout the year for Performance Reports.


  • Knowledge Sharing –MyVECTOR provides Discussion Forums and links to resources for online books and courses that discuss mentoring benefits, the differences between coaching and mentoring and techniques for managing mentoring relationships.


The Career Path Tool (CPT) has been enhanced and rebranded as MyVECTOR. More than 90,000 registered users and more than 5,000 mentor profiles are searchable in the “Find a Mentor” capability. This tool provides a standardized mentoring platform to enhance mentoring capabilities and opportunities to “Seek a Mentor, Be a Mentor” for Total Force Airmen.


Overview of MyVECTOR tools


Mentoring Connections

Establish mentoring relationships, manage mentor profiles and interact in a mentoring relationship via a mentoring plan. View current and past mentoring relationships as well as pending requests from mentees. 


Mentor Profile

Establish the number of mentees that can be connected by using the “Find a Mentor” search option, populate questions used to match a mentee to a mentor


Direct Connect

Enter an email address of a mentor to connect with him or her. The mentor that is requested will receive an email notification to include verbiage provided by the mentee as well as an activity feed notification located on the dashboard.


Find a Mentor

Match up with a potential mentor based off of 12 different characteristics. Mentees will weigh the importance of each characteristic to personalize the mentor match. 


Mentoring Plan

Main location of interaction between the mentor and mentee. Long-term and short-term goals as well as other focus areas are developed here. Mentors are able to access mentee’s experience summary, bullet tracker, and career pyramid. 


Join Discussions

Forum style discussions behind the .mil firewall. Users have the ability to start or join a group. Groups have the capability to be private or public and are self-policing. The user is linked to their posts by their name, rank and email.


MyVECTOR may be accessed by going to: https://myvector.us.af.mil/.

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