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Updating education just clicks away for civilians

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Air Force civilian employees who wish to update education information in their civilian personnel records have a new, easier way to do so: through the "MyBiz" Web site.

MyBiz is the self-service module in the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System. Instead of faxing their transcripts and waiting for someone to update their record, employees can now do it themselves.

"The Air Force, in conjunction with the Department of Defense, has been working to streamline and automate the manual processes of updating education, training and special qualifications (certifications, professional licenses) into a Web-based self-service capability," said Kathryn Houston from the Civilian Future Operations Branch at the Air Force Personnel Center here. "Now, in addition to updating work and home telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, handicap codes, ethnicity and national origin, and language, employees can update their education through MyBiz and it is immediately reflected in their personnel record. In the future, MyBiz will provide even more update capabilities."

The goal is to provide faster and smarter service to employees by giving them the ability to go in and update their important career information themselves, so it can be immediately reflected in their personnel record.

Prior to this change, employees could update some personal information, but not education. They had to follow a process that included completing sections of an OF 612 and faxing copies of transcripts to the Air Force Manpower Agency, who then put the information into the system.

Now, employees can update their own education information. They will only be required to provide personnel a transcript if personnel has a legal or regulatory requirement to verify the education entry, for example, based on the qualification standards, a position requires a degree or a specified number of course hours (this if often referred to as a "positive education" requirement).

This procedural change will enable civilian employees to update their education information directly by assessing MyBiz.

For more information, visit AFPC personnel services website at http://gum.afpc.randolph.af.mil or call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.