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CSAF recognizes AFPC Airman for contributions to mentorship program

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Ian Hoachlander
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
During a recent visit here, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III recognized an Air Force Personnel Center Airman for contributions to the mentorship program.

Joined by friends and co-workers, Airman 1st Class Lane Rabern accepted a CSAF coin from Welsh during a presentation ceremony at the Parr Club.

"Harnessing Airmen's creativity is vital to our ability to innovate and improve how we do business," the general said. "Recognizing Airman Rabern for his creative suggestions was a bright spot in my day."

Rabern caught Welsh's attention with his ideas to enhance the Air Force mentoring program.

"The Airman Mentoring Program was something I developed after hearing our commander talk about AFPC being a family during a porch call," Rabern said.

Rabern's supervisor also talked to him about having a mentor and reiterated that AFPC is a family.

"In a family, you know who is good at different tasks, who to ask for advice; you know your relatives and have a natural connection," he said. "So, I asked myself, how would I find a mentor in AFPC without those natural ties? That is how AMP was born."

AMP is being incorporated into the Air Force mentoring platform which will allow Airmen to advertise their skills, search for mentors, identify what mentoring topics are trending, set up conferences and publish material.

"Rabern is eager to learn and driven to work smarter," said DD Form 214 Policy And Procedures Chief Bob Tullgren, who helped Rabern submit his ideas to senior leaders. "His desire to improve processes is infectious, and regardless of grade, those around him respond. From this, he was able to help fill the gaps in the mentoring program."

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