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Press Releases

  • AFPC automates enlisted early separation request process

    As part of the Personnel Services Delivery Transformation effort, enlisted Airmen will no longer have to visit the military personnel flight to apply for early separation. Effective Oct. 29, enlisted Airmen can apply for early separation through a program on the virtual Military Personnel Flight.

  • AF selects 14 Airmen for physician assistant training

    The Air Force selected 14 Airmen to attend the Tri-Service (Phase I) Physician Assistant Training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. The September 2007 Physician Assistant Board met at the Air Force Personnel Center here to consider 47 applicants. In addition to those selected to attend training, the board

  • AFPC delivers service first

    In the Air Force Personnel Center's efforts to mature its service center business approach, two of the center's directorates merged into one Aug. 15. The directorates of Personnel Programs and Personnel Services merged to form an improved Directorate of Personnel Services with the objective of

  • New program allows NCOs to reenter old career fields

    The Air Force is offering some active duty staff, technical and master sergeants the opportunity to reenter previously held career fields now in demand provided they apply by Oct. 31. The Air Force initiated the fiscal 2008 NCO Limited Reclassification Program due to unexpected retention issues and

  • CJRs available for all reenlisting Airmen

    Air Force officials announced fiscal 2008 will start without any restrictions on first-term Career Job Reservations for enlisted specialties. Most years Airmen compete for a limited number of jobs within their Air Force Specialty Codes, but this year, the Air Force expects to meet its enlisted

  • Air Force officers have alternate path to joint qualification

    The Air Force will adopt a more flexible process for officers to gain joint qualification beginning Oct. 1. Previously, only officers who were assigned to a joint duty assignment could become joint qualified, but this criteria will change as a result of the National Defense Authorization Act of

  • Correction: AFPC streamlines retirement, separation actions

    (Editor's note: The following article replaces 'Personnel Center streamlines retirement actions' released Aug. 18) As the result of processes developed under the Air Force Smart Operations 21 initiative, retired or separated Airmen seeking corrections to their Certificate of Release or Discharge

  • AFPC improves four Airman assignment programs

    The Air Force Personnel Center here recently improved four Airman assignment programs to further streamline Web-based personnel processes in support of Personnel Services Delivery and personnel transformation initiatives. The four programs include the Career Airman Base of Preference Program, the

  • 2007 AFA Air Force civilian employee award winners honored

    The Air Force announced four civilian Airmen as 2007 Air Force Association Outstanding Air Force Civilian Employees of the Year awards recipients. The winners are: -- Mr. David L. Smart from Hurlburt Field, Fla., Civilian Wage Employee of the Year Award; -- Mr. Christopher R. Nordberg, Hill Air

  • AFPC earns customer service, teamwork awards

    The Air Force Personnel Center earned two Alamo Federal Executive Board "Excellence in Government" Awards during a luncheon May 4 honoring the nearly 90,000 federal employees in the San Antonio area. The Alamo board presented customer service and teamwork awards to Ms. Emily Covarrubia, from the