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Press Releases

  • Developmental education application deadline set for some officers, civilians

    Officers and civilians considering intermediate or senior developmental education in 2008 have until April 13 and May 1, respectively, to submit their applications for selection board consideration. Officers apply using a Web-based application, while civilians submit their applications through their

  • Verifying records, personal information may affect promotions

    The one constant among all Airmen is the desire to be promoted. There are many things Airmen can do to affect their chances for promotion, but perhaps the most important is ensuring their personal information is correct. Missing or inaccurate enlisted or officer performance reports, decorations,

  • AF announces selections to colonel, lieutenant colonel, major

    The 2006C Line of the Air Force, LAF-Judge Advocate and Chaplain central selection board selected 33 lieutenant colonels, 1,289 majors and 61 captains for promotion. The boards considered 220 lieutenant colonels for promotion, 6,482 majors and 68 captains. The results of the boards are as follows:

  • Air Force announces promotions to major

    The Air Force selected 2,518 captains for promotion to major in the 2006B line of the Air Force, chaplain, nurse corps and biomedical sciences corps central selection board. The list of promotion selects was posted to the Air Force Personnel Center's officer promotions homepage Dec. 20. The results

  • Four Airmen vie for GEICO awards

    Four Airmen have been chosen to represent the Air Force to compete for the 2006 Government Employee Insurance Company Military Service Awards. Their records will compete against other members of the armed forces in four categories. Master Sgt. Shawn Ricchuito of Robins Air Force Base, Ga., will

  • CARs connect $178 million in retro benefits

    Base-level casualty assistance representatives around the Air Force have been instrumental in identifying eligible families to receive a total of more than $178 million in retroactive death benefits. The payments, made by the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, come from recent changes enacted

  • SERB eligible officers electing retirement must apply by Dec. 15

    To preclude Selective Early Retirement Board consideration, SERB-eligible officers must submit a retirement application by Dec. 15. The 2007A SERB is scheduled to convene Jan. 8 here at the Air Force Personnel Center. Officers must submit their applications by Dec. 15 to ensure approval by the Jan.

  • Thrift investment board sets 2007 TSP contribution limits

    The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board has announced a $500 increase in regular Thrift Savings Plan contributions to $15,500 for 2007 elective deferral maximum contributions. Contributions for the catch-up plan will remain at the same $5,000 limit set in 2006. "TSP is a long-term retirement

  • AFPC to conduct Force Shaping board

    The next Force Shaping Board is scheduled to convene March 12 at the Air Force Personnel Center for officers in the 2003 and 2004 year groups. The board will evaluate active-duty line officers in overage career fields in the 2004 accession year group, as well as navigator, air battle manager, space

  • Officer, Sr NCO selection records: Representing you to the promotion board

    With the Lieutenant Colonel Selection Board convening in late November and the Selective Early Retirement Board and senior master sergeant board coming up in early 2007, eligible officers and senior NCOs must ensure their selection records are up to date when meeting these boards. The selection