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Air Force announces selections to major

  • Published
  • By 081207
The 2007A line of the Air Force, biomedical sciences corps, nurse corps and medical service corps central selection board selected 2,535 captains for promotion.

The complete select list is available on the Air Force Personnel Center public Web site at

The board considered 3,138 captains for promotion. The results of the board are as follows:

Selection statistics in-the-promotion zone:
LAF - 2,211 selected from 2,348 considered for 94.2 percent select rate
BSC - 110 selected from 125 considered for a 88.0 percent select rate
NC - 114 selected from 143 considered for a 79.7 percent select rate
MSC - 60 selected from 65 considered for a 92.3 percent select rate

Selection statistics above-the-promotion zone:
LAF - 20 selected from 336 considered for 6.0 percent select rate
BSC - 3 selected from 13 considered for a 23.1 percent select rate
NC - 15 selected from 100 considered for a 15.0 percent select rate
MSC - 2 selected from 8 considered for a 25.0 percent select rate

Selection statistics for below-the-promotion zone:
There was no below-the-promotion zone for this board.

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