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The 20E8 senior master sergeant promotion cycle file freeze will take effect Jan. 17, 2020, for the promotion board convening Jan. 22 - Feb. 14, 2020. Your Military Personnel Flight or Section should be properly updating the Military Personnel Data System and processing all enlisted performance reports and decorations into the Automated Records Management System, or ARMS, which feeds the Personnel Records Display Application - PRDA. 

Any data updated in MilPDS after Jan. 17 will not reflect on your Data Verification Record for the 20E8 promotion cycle. If your eligibility status changes, an update is required, or your evaluation is not showing in PRDA after Jan. 17, your MPF/MPS must contact the AFPC Enlisted Promotions office via email with the subject line "20E8 DVR Update Request:  Last, First, Base."

The AFPC Evaluations office will continue to process evaluations and coordinate with the Promotion Board Secretariat and Enlisted Promotions to ensure the evaluation is processed and meets the evaluation board, if eligible. For more information on reviewing your DVR, keep reading.

Reviewing Your DVR

Your DVR is the most important tool to ensure the information on your promotion record is complete and accurate. It is your responsibility to verify all data on your DVR to ensure it is accurate (i.e., compare decorations and performance reports listed on the DVR against source documents filed in PRDA, confirm your duty information, or validate your professional military education.) The information in the enlisted DVR includes weighted and non-weighted factors used in the promotion process. The DVR is the only document used for promotion consideration, so all data on it is important.

For complete and detailed information on the information to review on your DVR, visit the Enlisted Promotions page on myPers and click the link for Data Verification Record Review Instructions under the Promotion Cycle Info tab.

Additionally, a review of PRDA should be conducted to ensure data is correct and all appropriate documentation is filed accordingly. If there is an error on the DVR, you should contact your servicing Military Personnel Flight for assistance. The MPF will update MilPDS with the correct information. Each update automatically generates a new DVR in the virtual Military Personnel Flight. Retrieval of the updated DVR is your verification that the changes have been completed.

To view your DVR, access vMPF via AFPC Secure>Self-Service Actions>Promotions>Enlisted Promotion Information>Enlisted Data Verification Record. To view PRDA, access AFPC Secure>PRDA>Selection Folder. The selection folder is your “As-Is” record. Open the Selection Folder and review the performance reports and decorations. Alert your MPF of any missing documentation and provide copies if you have them.