Retraining Process Overview

The overall objective of the retraining program is to balance the enlisted career force across all Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) and ensure sustainability of career fields. Retraining also provides a means to return disqualified Airmen to a productive status. Additionally, the program allows a limited number of Airmen the opportunity to pursue other career paths within the Air Force.


If you decide to retrain and you meet the eligibility requirements, initiate a retraining request using the following procedures:

1. Review the Retraining Advisory (via myPers) to identify AFSCs that interest you

2. Review Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory (via myPers) for the AFSC description

3. Review retainability requirements for retraining in AFI 36-2626, Airman Retraining Program, Table 4.1

4. Complete the Retraining Application - IF and only IF you qualify for the AFSC for which you're requesting retraining

5. Submit your Retraining Application to the Total Force Service Center. The system will notify your commander that you have submitted an application and give your commander instructions on how to report any changes that might render you ineligible to retrain. The Total Force Service Center will submit your completed application to the AFPC Retraining Office for final decision. You will be notified on the results of your application.


If you have reviewed and understand the eligibility requirements for your retraining program, select the "Request for Retraining" link (via myPers) to initiate your retraining request.

The First Term Airman Retraining Program allows FTA to retrain into skills where a shortage exists. If an FTA meets the FTA eligibility requirements, he or she may apply to retrain into one of the available quotas found in the FTA column of the Retraining Advisory. Click the button below to learn more.

First Term Airmen Retraining

The Noncommissioned Officer Retraining Program, or NCORP, is designed to move NCOs from AFSCs with significant overages into AFSCs with NCO shortages. This program consists of three phases: voluntary, mandatory and if activated, open season. Eligible second term or career Airman may apply to retrain into one of the shortage AFSCs identified in the Retraining Objectives on the Retraining Advisory. Click the button below to learn more.

Noncommissioned Officer Retraining Program

The Disqualified Airman retraining program is used to retrain Airmen who have been disqualified from their primary AFSC for reasons beyond their control (9A000) or for reasons within their control (9A100). Click the button below to learn more.

Disqualified Airman Policy, Procedures

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