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Disqualified Airman Policy, Procedures

Disqualified Airman Policy, Procedures

Air Force Specialty Code disqualification policy is located in AFI 36-2101, Classifying Military Personnel(Officer and Enlisted), Chapter 4. AFPC/DPSIC, Air Force Personnel Center/Air Force Military Classification Development is the office of primary responsibility and approval authority. Once disqualified from all awarded AFSCs, Air Force policy is to retain and consider for retraining eligible Airmen who have demonstrated the ability to successfully complete training and whose past record clearly justifies further investment.


The applicable disqualified Airman reporting identifiers (RI) for Airmen eligible for retraining consideration are 9A000 and 9A100. Airmen eligible for retraining consideration are categorized as "disqualified for cause" (RI 9A100) when basis for withdrawing the AFSC is for conditions or actions over which the Airmen had control. Airmen are categorized as "disqualified not for cause", when the basis for withdrawing the AFSC is for conditions or actions over which the Airman had no control. Disqualification actions are initiated at unit level through the servicing Military Personnel Section via a Case Management System AFSC disqualification case to AFPC/DPSIC for approval/disapproval.


NOTE: Surplus Airmen in Special Duty Identifiers (8XXXX) no longer possessing qualification in an awarded AFSC and Technical Training Graduates completing their 3-skill level awarding course before completing pipeline training are processed as disqualified Airmen for retraining. Excluded AFSCs are 1AXXX and 1UXXX.


First Term Airmen (FTA) within 10 months of date of separation (DOS) or second term/career Airmen within two years of High Year of Tenure will not be retrained. Commanders will utilize these Airmen locally at their discretion.


-Upon disqualification Airmen are required to meet the following requirements: Within 30 days of disqualification, Airman must submit a retraining application to AFPC. To do this, click on the "apply for retraining" link below.


-Within 20 days of submission, a Total Force Service Center (TFSC) Retraining technician will advise on eligibility for each requested AFSC. Please make every effort to adhere to the TFSC Retraining technician’s instructions.


-Within 120 days of disqualification, Airman will receive a training allocation notice with an Air Force needs selected AFSC (due to limited availability, receiving a retraining class seat may take the full 120 days).


-Within 14 days of acknowledging the training allocation notice, Airman must accept retraining and meet all requirements for retainability (i.e., reenlist or extend enlistment).


-Second-term Airmen cannot decline retraining for which they already have sufficient retainability.


-FTA, according to current policy may decline the first retraining allocation notice if the minimum retainability requirement cannot be met. If the FTA has sufficient retainability (no extension or reenlistment required) to accept the training allocation, Airman may not decline without signing an AF Form 964, PCS, TDY, Deployments, or Training Declination Statement.


-If declining (other than the first training allocation for which a FTA does not have sufficient retainability), Airman will be required to sign an AF Form 964, PCS, TDY, Deployments, or Training Declination Statement. Signing the AF Form 964 will render the Airman ineligible for PCS, promotion, extension or reenlistment of enlistment and will be required to separate on DOS or sooner if a Force Management Program is announced.


FTA in their retraining eligibility window (35-43 months for 4-yr enlistees/59-67 months for 6-yr enlistees and Outside Continental United OCONUS assigned Airmen 9 to 15 months prior to Date Eligible for Return Overseas (DEROS) if serving during any portion of their normal FTA window on or before their DEROS) will apply for retraining using their FTA option.


Note: Airmen in RIs 9A000 or 9A100 no longer eligible for retraining consideration will be reclassified by AFPC/DPSIC into RIs 9A300 or 9A200, respectively—disqualified airman awaiting separation, discharge or retirement.

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