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First Term Airmen Retraining

Information and Eligibility

The Air Force has approved approximately 1,464 retraining quotas for Fiscal Year 2020 in 125 Air Force Specialty Codes for eligible active-duty First Term Airmen.

In addition, the NCO Retraining Program, Phase I (voluntary) is now open through Dec. 1.

FTA and NCOs interested in retraining should review the myPers Retraining Advisory and advisory notes to identify current overage AFSCs (OBJ OUT) and existing requirements for shortage AFSCs (OBJ IN). Then review the Air Force Enlisted Classification for AFSC descriptions and mandatory entry criteria.

FTA retraining allows Airmen to retrain, in conjunction with a reenlistment, into skills where a shortage exists. If an FTA meets the eligibility requirement, he or she may apply to retrain into one of the open quotas found in the FTA column of the Retraining Advisory.


The FTA board for selection of retraining is conducted the last duty day of every month. AFPC's Formal Training and Retraining Section,  AFPC/DP1SST, will rank the applications according to AFI 36-2626, Airman Retraining Program, paragraph 5.1.3. Applications will be approved/disapproved no later than the 15th of the following month.




Airmen assigned in the Continental United States (CONUS) apply for retraining no earlier than the first duty day of the month when they complete 35 months of their current enlistment (59 months for 6-year enlistees), but no later than the last duty day of the 43rd month of their current enlistment (67 months for 6-year enlistees).


Airman assigned overseas apply between the 15th and 9th month before their date eligible to return from overseas (DEROS) and will enter their retraining window (35th – 43rd month for 4-year enlistees or 59th – 67th month for 6 year enlistees) on or before their DEROS.


The quality review board for selection of retraining is conducted the last duty day every month. After each board, all applications that were not selected for that board will remain eligible until the next board. All applications meet three consecutive boards and, if not selected, are disapproved. Approvals can take up to 1 - 2 weeks to update.


Because you will compete through the board for the available retraining AFSCs with all other first term airmen Air Force-wide, you are highly encouraged to apply for the maximum number of AFSC choices available on the Request for Retraining.


The quality review board uses the following criteria to rank the applications: Most recent EPR rating; current grade; projected grade; next two EPR ratings; Date of Rank (DOR); Total Active Federal Military Service Date (TAFMSD); Mechanical, administrative, general, or electronic (MAGE) aptitude score, derived from the ASVAB, IAW AFECD, Part II, Attachment 4 (Additional Qualifications); requested AFSC preferences.


If you have already applied for retraining and your application was disapproved or cancelled, you may reapply only under the following conditions:


-You were removed from the Air Force CJR waiting list, and not within 120 days of DOS (Airmen in this category will meet one board)

-You were, through no fault of your own, unable to apply during the retraining window because of reenlistment ineligibility

Retraining Exception to Policy

First Term Airmen may apply for retraining as an Exception to Policy if the Airman was not allowed to apply for retraining during their normal retraining window OR if they would like retraining consideration outside of the normal retraining programs eligibility criteria as outlined in AFI 36-2626, Airman Retraining Program, Chapter 5.

ETPs are only considered in extreme cases and justification must present unusual circumstances uncommon to other Air Force members. If the ETP has proved an injustice occurred, all supporting documentation, to include the Application for Enlisted Retraining should be provided by the Airman via myPers Retraining application.

NOTE: Exceptions will not be granted based on an individual's indecision, lack of employment, or educational opportunities, etc. All ETPs must be endorsed by unit commander.

FTA are highly encouraged to obtain additional counseling from their Career Assistance Advisors.

Visit the myPers Online Retraining Advisory to ensure fiscal year retraining-in objectives are available prior to submitting your retraining application.

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