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Noncommissioned Officer Retraining Program

NCORP: Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3

The Noncommissioned Officer Retraining Program, or NCORP, is designed to optimize the enlisted force structure to effectively meet current and future Air Force requirements. NCORP is for second term and career Airmen only and does not apply to Airmen currently performing duties in a Special Duty Identifier and/or a Reporting Identifier. 

Retraining information is available and continuously updated on myPers. Click “Retraining” from the active-duty enlisted landing page. The online retraining advisory is listed under the “Tools” section. In addition, a live chat feature is available for Airmen on the First Term Airmen Retraining page. To chat live with a Total Force Service Center representative, go to the page and allow about 30 to 60 seconds for a representative to come online.

The NCORP consists of three phases, explained in the modules below: Phase I (voluntary retraining), Phase II (mandatory retraining) and Phase III (open season). NOTE:  Information about the Fiscal Year 2020 NCORP will be posted here and on myPers once it becomes available from Headquarters Air Force.

​For more information, reference AFI 36-2626, Airman Retraining Program, and the current fiscal year NCORP Phase I/II/III announcement on myPers.

Phase 1 - Voluntary Retraining

The objective of Phase I is to obtain volunteer applicants from identified overage AFSCs to fill requirements in Air Force Specialty Codes where there are shortages. During this phase, the only NCORP retraining applications that will be considered are from Airmen holding a CAFSC with OBJ OUT quotas.

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-considered basis during this phase. If sufficient applications from qualified Airmen are not received and retraining objectives for the fiscal year are not met, Phase II will be implemented.

Phase II - Mandatory Retraining

Airmen in identified overage Air Force Specialty Codes who have not volunteered by the Phase I deadline may be selected for mandatory retraining and assigned a training class seat based on the Air Force’s need to balance the force. 

The Total Force Service Center’s Retraining Office selects the most qualified, in accordance with Air Force Instruction 36-2626, Airman Retraining Program, in order to meet Headquarters Air Force “remaining out” objectives. Individual preference is no longer a consideration and the Air Force's needs take priority. During this phase, volunteer applications are not accepted. 

Phase III - Open Season

All remaining “OBJ IN” quotas will be opened to eligible second-term/career Airmen who were not identified during Phase II. If holding a Control Air Force Specialty Code not annotated with an “OBJ OUT” quota, your retraining application must be submitted simultaneously with an Exception to Policy endorsed by the respective unit commander requesting the release from CAFSC, in accordance with AFI 36-2626, paragraph 4.5.

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