Welcome to the active-duty Separations home page. This page will provide enlisted members information about their separation briefing and other resources related to separations.


Separation orders (AF Form 100) are provided by the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) approximately 60 calendar days prior to your date of separation (DOS), through the virtual Out-Processing (vOP) checklist on vMPF and the Personnel Records Display Application (PRDA). Personnel being administratively discharged or short notice separations will have their orders furnished to them within 48 hours of submitting their Pre-Separation Order Worksheet automatically generated by the Military Personnel Data System upon approval of your separation. Your MPS will normally forward them to you through e-mail.


The following items are required before your orders can be processed:

-Review the Initial Separation Briefing

-Complete the Pre-Separation Order Worksheet (located on vMPF). You must ensure your family member information is correct in the Defense Enrollment and Eligibility System (DEERS). You can verify the information at the MPS Customer Service. Completion of this worksheet will initiate your separation orders


Note: Separation orders will NOT be processed until you have completed the above required actions. Failure to ensure completion of the above actions will result in delay of your orders being processed


Terminal Leave: If you are planning to take terminal leave of 60 days or more and you are within 150 days from your DOS, or you have a Transportation Management Office (TMO) constraint (e.g., orders needed by TMO to allow early movement of family when justified), review Expedited Separation Orders Request to submit documentation to expedite your orders.



Airmen may now access their separation orders or amendments through the vMPF. Log into the AFPC Secure website, select vMPF, select the Out Processing link (under Most Popular Applications), and you will see the "view orders" link (under the Pages menu). When you open this link, you will see the PDF file(s) is/are available for you to retrieve. Either open and print copies or save to your computer for an electronic copy.


If you do not have a "view orders" link, you must contact your assignment or separation counselor to determine the status of your orders.


Note: Technical school students, office of special investigation agents and general officers may not have a virtual out-processing account. If you fall under one of these categories, you must contact your assignment or separation counselor to retrieve a copy of your orders.


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