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Career Skills Program

The Career Skills Program (also known as the Job Training, Employment Skills Training, Apprenticeships and Internships [JTEST-AI]) under the Department of Defense SkillBridge initiative, prepares Airmen to transition from military to civilian employment. SkillBridge career skills programs are vocational and technical training programs that focus on the practical application of learned skills and can lead to employment in a specific career or technical trade.

Program General Eligibility Requirements
  • An Airman must complete at least 180 continuous days on active duty and is expected to be discharged or released from active duty within 180 days of starting CSP

  • Participation by an Airman is self-initiated and approved by the first field grade commander authorized to impose non-judicial punishment in the Airman's chain of command

  • The approval authority may terminate an Airman's participation in CSP based on mission requirements. Upon notification that participation is terminated, an Airman must immediately withdraw from the program and report to their unit of assignment

Three Types of Career Skills Programs

  • Apprenticeships – Generally a combination of on-the-job training and related instruction that may be sponsored jointly by an employer and union groups, individual employers or employer association

  • Internships – A type of work experience for entry-level job-seekers. Internships may be completed in federal, state or local government, or in the private sector and may consist of OJT and work experience

  • On-the-Job Training – Job skills learned at a place of work while performing the actual job

SkillBridge in Action

A number of companies and training providers have already set up or are setting up SkillBridge training programs. The programs established by these companies are helping service members from all branches to transition to civilian careers. A training provider must offer enrollment at no or minimal cost to the Airmen. CSP must offer a high probability of post-service employment with the provider or another employer.


Point of Contact

To obtain more information about career skills training opportunities, contact your local base education office.

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