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Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

Air Force Officer Qualifying Test

The Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) is a standardized test that measures verbal and math aptitude (similar to the Standardized Admissions Test (SAT) and American College Testing (ACT) as well as additional aptitudes relevant to specific career fields (e.g., perceptual speed, spatial rotation, aviation knowledge). The test is used to select applicants for officer commissioning programs such as Officer Training School or Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. The test is also used to qualify for pilot, combat systems officer (CSO), and air battle manager (ABM) training, and is a component of the Pilot Candidate Selection Method score.



Air Force Instruction AFI 36-2605, Air Force Military Personnel Testing System, Attachment 2, provides regulatory guidance on AFOQT testing.


An information pamphlet describing the AFOQT and an Air Force approved study preparation course can be accessed at: AFOQT Form T Prep Materials.



Here's a list of quick facts about the AFOQT that should be useful to those who need to take this exam as part of their commissioning application requirements:

  • The AFOQT Form T can only be taken a third time if certain waiver requirements are met

  • For authorization of waivers contact the Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC) Testing Office (AFPC/DPSOE) at afpc.testing@us.af.mil or 210-565-4221 (DSN 665-4221)

  • A waiver for a third AFOQT Form T test administration may be approved by AFPC/DPSOE if the examinee can document completion (since the previous AFOQT administration) of at least one college course in a subject relevant to the AFOQT, gained significant flying experience, or improved other skills and abilities measured by the AFOQT

  • If an examinee previously took AFOQT Form S, a waiver to test for a third time must still be submitted to AFPC/DPSOE. However, documentation of additional coursework or preparation is not required for waiver approval.

  • Examinees must wait 150 days between tests

  • Only AFOQT scores for Form T and future revisions are valid. (Note: Earlier test scores are no longer valid and may not be used for official purposes)

  • The most recent AFOQT test score (AFOQT Test Scores) is the one that counts


The complete AFOQT takes approximately five hours to administer and contains 550 test items that are divided into the following 12 subtests:

  • Verbal Analogies

  • Arithmetic Reasoning

  • Word Knowledge

  • Math Knowledge

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Situational Judgment Test

  • Self-Description Inventory

  • Physical Science

  • Table Reading

  • Instrument Comprehension

  • Block Counting

  • Aviation Information

(Note: AFOQT Form T includes two new subtests: Reading Comprehension and Situational Judgment Test. The Reading Comprehension subtest involves passages modeled on officer Professional Military Education materials. The Situational Judgment Test is based on challenging leadership and interpersonal scenarios that junior officers may face).


AFOQT composite scores are provided in these areas:

  • Pilot

  • CSO

  • ABM

  • Academic Aptitude

  • Verbal

  • Quantitative

  • Situational Judgment



You can obtain your AFOQT scores 8-10 business days after you have tested. Visit this AFPC secure website. (You will need your SSN, last name and testing center number).


You can also call AFPC toll free at 1-800-525-0102 or COMM: 210-565-0102; DSN: 665-0102.


From OVERSEAS, dial a toll free AT&T Direct Access Number (DAN) from the country you are in then dial 1-800-616-3775. AT&T DAN’s can be obtained from their website.