air force integrated personnel and pay system


The Air Force Integrated Personnel and Pay System, or AFIPPS, is a modernized Human Resources system that will integrate personnel and pay processes for Airmen across the Total Force, including U.S. Air Force Academy and Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets. AFIPPS is designed to improve upon and expand the current Military Personnel Data System, or MilPDS, by adding payroll, workflow and self-service capabilities. AFIPPS will be rolled out in two phases starting with Phase 1 Read-Only Self-Service (ROSS) in 2021, when Airmen and Guardians will be able to access the system to claim their AFIPPS read-only accounts and validate their personal data. This will be followed by Phase 2 Full Capability delivery in 2022. Phase 1 ROSS will be gradually released to Airmen and Guardians so keep an eye out for your “Claim Your AFIPPS Account” link in your inbox.


Streamlining human resources and financial management processes using AFIPPS will enable accurate and timely delivery of pay, entitlements, allowances and benefits. 

AFIPPS will help ensure that payroll is accurate, on-time and that any issues are resolved quickly. Leave records will remain accurate and leadership will stay informed. Self-service will give Airmen the power to review records for accuracy, update personal data and initiate leave and pay requests. Workflow streamlines and automates the routing of leave and pay action requests, lowering the risk of error introduced by manual system inputs. The Air Force is committed to developing and deploying a single system that is secure, efficient and comprehensive and meets the need of every Airman.


It’s vital for the Total Force to be trained, equipped and ready as this new system functionality will directly affect Airmen’s pay. As training materials are built, they are shared with Force Support Squadron and Comptroller Squadron leadership, as well as the Total Force Service Centers for both the Air Force’s and Air Reserve Personnel Centers. In addition, AFIPPS holds monthly webcasts on the Defense Collaboration Services, or DCS, that are shared simultaneously on Facebook Live through the Air Force’s Personnel Center Facebook page. Click the buttons to view past webcasts on AFPC’s YouTube channel or to access AFIPPS Frequently Asked Questions.

AFIPPS Webcast

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