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TIS/TIG Point Elimination
Enlisted Promotions

TIS/TIG Point Elimination from the WAPS

In 2015, the Air Force started the new enlisted evaluation and promotion system. One of the promotion changes was the implementation of a phased reduction of Time in Service (TIS) and Time in Grade (TIG) weighted points. These reductions were set to occur one-third at a time over three years.


In CY15, TIS and TIG points were reduced by one-third, and in CY16, TIS and TIG were reduced again by another one-third. The final phase of this plan is the elimination of TIS and TIG point values, which will be eliminated beginning with the 17E7 promotion cycle.


Changes are effective with 17E7, 17E6, 17E5, 17E9 and 18E8 promotion cycles.