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Civilian Tuition Assistance Program

Civilian Tuition Assistance Program

Important: The Civilian Tuition Assistance Program is only available to Air Force permanent full-time appropriated fund employees, excluding Air Force Palace Acquire Interns Copper Cap Interns, and employees assigned to the Acquisition Professional Development Program coded positions. However, if an APDP coded position employees is seeking coursework at the doctorate level, they are now eligible for CTAP.  

The goal of the Civilian Tuition Assistance Program is to assist civilians in their continued self-development and includes coursework at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s (including juris doctorate) and doctorate levels at an accredited college or university and listed in DoD Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding directory. Tuition Assistance is  used for course(s) that contribute to occupational and institutional competencies, special interest needs and readiness by supporting the current and future needs of the Air Force. To maximize the availability of funds, Air Force civilians may request funding for credit-by-exams that will assess college level knowledge via College Level Examination Program and Defense Activities for Non-Traditional Education Support and Subject Standardized Tests.

Applicants must:
• Be an Air Force permanent full-time appropriated fund employees, including wage grade
• Currently have an acceptable performance appraisal rating
• Have an approved education goal in the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC)
* APDP coded position employees seeking coursework at the doctorate level ... STOP here and contact your CFT for application since this process is manual. Each member will be required to send a hard copy SF-182 for processing.

The following rules apply to TA Funding:
• TA is available for two (2) courses per semester/quarter. There is no limitation on the number of credit-by-exam tests.
• TA can be used for up to 75 percent of tuition cost, but may not exceed $250.00 per semester hour or $166.00 per quarter hour and $4,500 per fiscal year. The student is responsible for the remaining cost.
• TA can be used for 100 percent of credit-by-exam fees at an on-base and/or fully funded testing centers
• TA does not pay professional certification fees, charges related to accrediting work or life experiences or the following examination fees: Graduate Management Admissions Test, Graduate Records Examination, Law School Admission Test, Medical College Admissions Test, Standard Achievement Test or Admissions College Test
• TA is not provided, in whole or in part, for courses for which the employee is receiving other federal or state tuition subsidies such as Veterans Affairs educational benefits, scholarships or grants, etc. However, TA can be used in conjunction with student loans
• TA funding under CTAP is not an entitlement or condition of employment and past approved TA does not guarantee future funding

Note: Individual(s) with outstanding TA fund reimbursement(s) obligations are denied future TA approval until full reimbursement has occurred or a waiver has been approved. 

Education goal and funding request processes are available via myPers (https://mypers.af.mil/); select “Civilian Employee” from the dropdown menu and search “TA.” Contact the base education office for more information or assistance with TA procedures.

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