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The Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System, accessed through a user-friendly website at, is designed to help Air Force personnel and their families who are directly affected by major natural and man-made emergency events such as fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and evacuations. If you are Air Force military or civilian personnel in need of assistance due a crisis event, please complete a needs assessment survey on AFPAAS.


AFPAAS requires you to have access to the public Internet, using a personal or public computer or a smartphone with access to the Internet. You may log in using your Common Access Card, username and password or personal information. For assistance, family members can contact the AFPAAS Help Desk at 866-946-9183 (toll-free), 619-553-8167 or email


If you are unable to access the AFPAAS website from the link above and require help completing a Needs Assessment survey, please contact AFPC’s Personnel Readiness Center at (210) 565-2020 or toll-free at 800-435-9941. Another option is to complete a PDF-fillable Needs Assessment form. Download it HERE; email submission instructions are on the form. Impacted Airmen can also snap a picture of the form and text it to 210-627-8726. Regardless of the completion method you choose, you will be connected to the A&FRC nearest you within 24 hours for assistance.  


If you are NOT listed in AFPAAS as "Affected in the Geographical Area of Impact" by but require help completing a Needs Assessment survey, please contact AFPC’s Airman & Family Operations toll-free at 1-866-299-0596.


AFPAAS has two sides: the Personnel Accountability Element and Needs Assessment capability.


Personnel accountability element

  • Enables Air Force leadership and authorities to accurately account for all assigned personnel and their family members and make decisions in supporting them, maintaining military readiness and preserving National Security during a disaster.
  • Allows you to report your current and/or displaced location in the case of an evacuation, and update emergency personal contact information.
  • Completing the accountability portion of AFPAAS is mandatory when directed by AF leadership; however, it is recommended personnel and their families provide regular updates as needed.

I have accounted for my family members and myself. What’s next?
Following an event, an Air Force family may need to fill out a Needs Assessment survey. Completing a needs assessment helps the Air Force know how you are doing and what type of type of assistance, if any, you are requesting. If you indicate you have any needs, an “Event Case” will be automatically created in AFPAAS. Once an Event Case is created, a Case Manager will be assigned to contact and assist you in recovering from the event. Case Managers are provided with the latest benefits information and will work with you over time.


AFPAAS is available to all Air Force-affiliated personnel and their family members. This includes active-duty and select Reserve Airmen, Department of the Air Force and Non-Appropriated Fund civilians, Air Force OCONUS contractors (and their family members). Air Force personnel on temporary duty status, on leave or on a pass in the affected area are encouraged to use AFPAAS as well. 


For more detailed instructions on how to access AFPAAS, please utilize the AFPAAS Airman User Guide v.2.0 located in the AFPAAS “Help” tab via the AFPAAS site.  

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