Welcome to the Officer and Enlisted Classification program page. This page provides Air Force active and reserve component career field managers, functional managers, manpower officials, computer system managers, commanders, supervisors and Force Support Squadron Personnelists with critical information about Air Force Specialty Codes, special experience identifiers and quarterly changes and conversions. Additionally, this page provides links to other classification resources, the Career Field Managers' Guide and the Air Force military classification publication, AFI 36-2101, Classifying Military Personnel (Officer and Enlisted).

Classification Directories

If you’re an officer or enlisted Airman interested in retraining into a different career field, the first step is to figure out if you meet the qualifications. The Air Force Enlisted and Officer Classification Directories are the place to find that information.


These directories are updated twice a year and contain the official specialty descriptions for all enlisted and commissioned classification codes and identifiers used to identify each Air Force job (valid requirement) and describe the minimum mandatory qualifications for Airmen to fill those jobs.


Unless otherwise stated, the changes for April are NOT effective until April 30 and the changes for October are NOT effective until October 31. Both directories are available for download using the buttons below. In order to activate the hyperlinks within the directories, download the directory first. Then open Adobe PDF and open the downloaded file. The hyperlinks will not be available while viewing the directory within an internet browser.


Previous versions are available on myPers. Search “AFECD” or “AFOCD.”

Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory

Air Force Officer Classification Directory


The Air Force Career Field Managers' Guide implements procedures for developing, staffing, approving and disapproving proposed changes to the Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory and the Air Force Officer Classification Directory. It was designed for new Air Force Career Field Managers; however, it can also be used as a reference guide for experienced AFCFMs and any personnel requiring assistance in changing the military classification system. It provides instructions, examples and suggestions for preparing documents relating to proposed changes. It identifies actions necessary to work all types of proposed changes. It also provides an introduction and background information. Finally, it provides guidelines for processing Air Force Specialty Code waiver actions.