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Free services for former military members:


American Legion
1608 K Street NW
Washington, D.C., 20006
202-861-2700, ext. 1512

Texas Veterans Commission
5788 Eckhert Road
San Antonio, TX, 78240

Maryland Vets Commission
31 Hopkins Plaza
Baltimore, MD, 21201
800-446-4926, ext. 6450

Paralyzed Vets of America
801 Eighteenth St NW
Washington, D.C., 20006-3517

Jacksonville Vet Center
300 East State Street Ste J
Jacksonville, FL, 32202

Tampa Veterans Center
8900 N. Armenia Ave #312
Tampa, FL, 33604

Georgia Dept of Vet Affairs Atlanta Regional Office
1700 Clairmont Rd
Decatur, GA, 30033-4032

California Dept of Vet Affairs Oakland Regional
1301 Clay St RM 1300 N
Oakland, CA, 94612-5209

National Personnel Records Center (Military Records)
9700 Page Ave
St Louis, MO, 63132

Discharge Upgrade

For more information from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) about how to apply for a discharge upgrade, please visit:   

Note: The content of this site is maintained by the VA, not the Air Force.

Board for Correction of Military Records



The Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records (AFBCMR) is the highest level of administrative review within the Department of the Air Force.  As such, applicants must first exhaust available administrative avenues of relief before applying to the AFBCMR.  Otherwise, the Board will deny the case on that basis.  Unless procured by fraud, a decision is final and conclusive on all officers of the United States.  The AFBCMR corrects Air Force military records pursuant to Title 10, Section 1552, when necessary to “correct errors or remove injustices.”

Records may be obtained and the request evaluated by the Office of Primary Responsibility.  A copy of all advisory opinions are referred to the applicant or the applicant's counsel for response.

The AFBCMR bases its decision on the evidence contained in the case file.  This normally consists of military records, an advisory from the OPR, and statements, arguments, and documents provided by the applicant.  The burden of proof of either error or injustice rests with the applicant.


Active duty and former members of the Regular Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard, to include Air Force Academy and Reserve Officer Training Corps can apply.

If the former member is deceased or incompetent, surviving spouse, former spouse, next of kin, or a legal representative may apply with supporting documentation (e.g., power of attorney, marriage license, death certificate) indicating they have proper legal standing to apply. 



Applicants have the option of either submitting applications in hard copy or via e-mail at the addresses below:


Mail:  Applicants should mail the signed DD Form to:


550-C Street West, Suite 41

Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4743





Digital File Resolution: Please ensure documents are scanned at a high enough resolution to accommodate text recognition. Any pictures or images should be scanned at the highest resolution possible. Unreadable information could delay your case due to the need to request legible paper copies.


Digital File Size: Our ability to accept email is limited to one gigabyte of data per email.  It may be necessary for applicants to send multiple emails containing separate documents if the package exceeds the one gigabyte threshold.

A scanned or facsimile copy of the application form is considered a legitimate application.



Applicants should complete all applicable sections of the DD Form 149, including at least:

The name of the applicant or, when the applicant is an heir or legal representative, the name of the person whose record the applicant wishes the Board to correct. 


That person’s social security number and/or military service number.


The applicant’s current mailing address, e-mail address, and contact number(s).  E-mail, when available, will be the primary means of communication between the AFBCMR staff and the applicant.


The error or injustice and specific correction to the military records required to remedy the alleged error or injustice. The applicant has the burden of providing evidence in support of their claim they are the victim of an error or injustice.


Legal proof of the applicant’s status as heir or legal representative if requesting correction of another person’s records.


If your contention involves a medical issue, you must also fill out a consent to release your medical records from the Veterans Administration. You must fill out a VA Form 10-5345, Request for and Authorization to Release Medical Records or Health Information sign and attach to the DD Form 149.

Download and fill out the DD Form 149, Application for Correction of Military Record.


Air Force Pamphlet 36-2607, Applicant's Guide to the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records

Air Force Instruction 36-2603, Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records


The 2015 National Defense Authorization Bill, as passed by the Senate Armed Services committee, included language that expressed the Sense of Congress urging any updating Vietnam veteran who received a less-than-honorable discharge and has since been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress (PTS) be allowed all due consideration for an upgrade of characterization of discharge.

A memorandum published by the Secretary of Defense on Sept. 3, 2014 implemented supplemental policy guidance for BCMR on these applicants.