Retiring from military service is a significant achievement. Ensure you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled by reviewing the Retirement page on myPers. The Retirement page contains useful information on:


- Application Information

- Disabilities

- Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)

- Retirement Recognition and

- Congressionally Mandated Transition Assistance Program Requirements

Retirement Application

If you intend to retire, you must initiate a retirement eligibility check and submit your retirement application on myPers. You can do this by going to the Retirement Personnel Processing Application, located on the vMPF through AFPCSecure, using the following steps:

1. Input Common Access Card PIN or enter AFPCSecure User ID and Password; click on Secure Login

2. Click on vMPF

3. Click on Self Service Actions

4. Click on Retirements

5. Click on Request Retirement


You can review information on retirement eligibility by selecting the Eligibility link. Select the Restrictions link to review tables that contain information regarding conditions that preclude the submission or processing of your retirement application and conditions/restrictions that may be waived in the best interest of the Air Force or for hardship not common to other Air Force members. Select the Entitlements Counseling link for information on basic entitlements involved with retirements. It is recommended that you review these areas before applying for retirement.


After reviewing this information, click on the Check Retirement Eligibility link to submit your request. The Total Force Service Center Retirement Section will review your record and respond via email within five duty days of receipt.

Contact Us

To help us provide you with timely information, the AFPC Retirements and Separations teams request you submit any inquiries on retirement or separation actions through the myPers "Contact Us" page. 

We will continue to respond to inquiries submitted via email; however, use of myPers will help ensure your request is routed to the appropriate office and help improve our response time.

If you need a myPers account, instructions are provided HERE.


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