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Officers are positioned for promotion sequence based on the following criteria, applied in the order listed:


-Current Grade Date of Rank

-Previous grade date of rank, if applicable

-Total Active Federal Commissioned Service

-Total Federal Commissioned Service

-Regular officers will precede Reserve officers.  Regular officers will rank among themselves based on date of Presidential nomination for appointment as a Regular officer

-Regular Air Force acceptance date; based on the date of the Air Force Form 133, Oath of Office

-Graduates of Service academies, appointed as Regular officers and assigned the same date of rank, on the active duty list in order of their graduation class standing

-Date of birth, with the earliest date taking precedence

-Reverse social security number, with the lowest number taking precedence


AFPC Officer Promotion Points of Contacts


You may locate your promotion line number on vMPF.


Here are the instructions:

-Log on to the vMPF

-On the main page under “Most Popular Applications,” select “Record Review”

-Select “Promotion;” your line number is displayed on the page

Air Force Promotions
Officer Promotion Increments

Central Selection Board Results

Captain Quarterly Selection

CY18 Officer Promotion Board Eligibility
Officer Date of Rank Chart

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