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To link families of fallen Airmen and Guardians to their Air and Space Force Family promoting Survivor resilience, thereby fostering well-being and connectedness.

Remembering, Honoring, Connecting… Always a part of the Air and Space Force Family.

Program overview

Air Force Families Forever (AFFF) facilitates long-term case management procedures and provides support for surviving family members of deceased Regular Air Force, U.S. Space Force, and Reserve Component Airmen who died in an Active Duty, Inactive Duty for Training (IDT), or Annual Training (AT) status and whose relationship was established prior to the Airman or Guardian’s death. Support is provided to eligible Next-of-Kin (NOK) through Military & Family Readiness Centers (M&FRCs) at installations closest to where the survivor resides.

Next of Kin (NOK): widow or widower (remarried or not), each parent (mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, mother through adoption, father through adoption, foster parents who stood in loco parentis), each child (natural, step-children, adopted), and each sibling (brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, step-sibling) of an Airman or Guardian.

Each active-duty installation’s M&FRC is the point-of-contact for NOK to receive long term support, including:

The Connection

The Connection newsletter serves as a platform to remember our fallen Airmen and Guardians, initiates survivor connection to each other and their Air and Space Force family, and provides updates on DAF survivor initiatives.



DAF Survivor Advocacy Council serves as a forum for the Air and Space Force to champion survivor programs, recap key initiatives and next steps, and validate the ongoing role of survivors in the larger Air and Space Force family. 

The DAF Survivor Advocacy Council consists of senior Air and Space Force leaders and survivor advocates who represent a diverse survivor population.

To be eligible for consideration, survivor advocates must be the NOK of an Airman in the Regular Air Force, Guardian in the Space Force, or a Reserve Component Airman/Guardian who died in an active duty status, Inactive Duty for Training (IDT) or Annual Training (AT) status. 

For more information go to: DAF Survivor Advocacy Council


The Surviving Family Member Representative is the Air Force advocate for surviving family members, created by Section 633 of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (Public Law 113-66). This representative is available to provide support and address complaints by spouses and other dependents of deceased Airmen regarding casualty assistance or receipt of benefits authorized by law.   

Contact the Air Force Representative
Phone:  703-693-0683, DSN:  223-0683

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