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This webpage is a one-stop reference to help answer questions regarding proper wear of approved Air Force uniform items, insignias, awards and decorations, etc. It also provides the latest updates and changes to policy from Air Force senior leadership and the Uniform Board. For local guidance, Airmen are encouraged to consult their immediate chain of command for clarification on standards and policies.


NOTE: Official changes to policy and the overall uniform program fall under the discretion of Headquarters Air Force and the Uniform Board. All personnel are encouraged to review the entire Air Force Instruction 36-2903. Airmen should also note that any dress and appearance standards not listed as explicitly authorized in AFI 36-2903, or subsequent guidance updates, are unauthorized. 


CHANGES, UPDATES TO AFI 36-2903, Wear of Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) Uniform (as of Sept. 28, 2018)

*NEW*  Operational Camouflage Pattern Uniform FAQs

Specific guidance on OCP accoutrements such as the U.S. flag, name and USAF tapes, rank insignia, organizational patches, occupational, skill and identification badges and combat patches. Consult your chain of command for clarification and further guidance on standards and policies.

Links to Updates

ACTIVE-DUTY OCP AAFES TIMELINE - the release of OCPs will occur mid-month within each month identified
USAFR/ANG OCP AAFES TIMELINE - the release of OCPs will occur mid-month within each month identified

                                                                        Click the poster for current OCP wear guidance (as of Oct. 3, 2019)

OCP Wear Guidance Oct 2018

This Operational Camouflage Pattern uniform poster is a supplement to the current AFI and is a graphical representation of the OCP uniform. If information conflicts between the poster and the AFI/AFGM, defer to the AFI. 

Clarifications from the Uniform Board

These are just a few of the highlights from the latest Air Force Guidance Memorandum, 2018-03, dated Sept. 28, 2018. Be sure to read the entire AFI and the AFGM for complete dress and appearance instructions.


Airmen are authorized to wear previously–owned, serviceable OCPs, including the Operation Enduring Freedom-Camouflage Pattern commonly referred to as the Multi-cam.


Airmen will wear a basic configuration consisting of name and USAF tapes, U.S. Flag and rank (mandatory).

  • The subdued black and green cloth flag is authorized for wear until June 1, 2020, then the spice brown US flag will be the only accepted version. Infrared US flags are not authorized
  • The USAF name tape, blouse name tape and rank must be either Velcro or sewn--they must all be affixed in the same manner
  • Independently, the patrol cap name tape and occupational badge may be either sewn or Velcro and do not have to match the rest of the blouse or each other in that manner

Higher headquarters and unit patches had an optional wear date of Oct. 1, 2018, and will be mandatory on April 1, 2021. Until the mandatory wear date, current subdued versions of HHQ and/or unit patches may be worn. Colored patches are not authorized.


Authorized duty identifier tabs are listed in Table 5.3.


Airmen can wear desert sand or tan T-Shirts until June 1, 2020, when Airmen will only wear the coyote brown or Tan-499 T-Shirt.


Red Horse squadrons may wear a red baseball cap with the RED HORSE emblem/symbol centered on the cap front. Combat Arms personnel are authorized to wear a red baseball type cap with the words COMBAT ARMS while performing duties on the range complex.


During initial transition, Airmen may wear either tan or coyote brown boots with OCPs until June 1, 2020, when only coyote brown boots are authorized.


Airmen may wear coyote brown fleece with OCPs. Scarves, earmuffs and watch caps may be either coyote brown or black. Gloves may be coyote brown, black or sage green.


Your chain of command should be the first avenue for clarification and further guidance on local standards and policies. (Current as of Jan. 11, 2019)

Male Uniforms

Male Blues UniformsMale Formal UniformsMale Airman Battle UniformsMale Physical Training UniformsMale Informal Uniform

Flight Duty Uniforms

Officer Flight Duty UniformMale Enlisted Flight Duty UniformFemale Enlisted Flight Duty UniformDesert Flight Duty UniformLeather A-2 Flight JacketFlight Jacket

Optional Uniform Items

                            Blue CardiganBlue Sweater


Female Uniforms

Female Blues UniformsFemale Formal UniformsFemale ABUsFemale PTUsFemale Informal Uniforms

Cold Weather Uniform Items

Sage Green Fleece UniformAPECS Parka UniformCold Weather Parka with ABUsCold Weather Parka with Service UniformLightweight Blue Jacket UniformTopcoat_All Weather Coat Uniform

Maternity Uniforms

The Air Force is pleased to announce that the new Maternity Airman Battle Uniform is available for purchase on the Army and Air Force Exchange Service website. For convenience, this LINK will take you to the item on the AAFES site.

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