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This webpage is a one-stop reference to help answer questions regarding proper wear of approved Air Force uniform items, insignias, awards and decorations, etc. It also provides the latest updates and changes to policy from Air Force senior leadership and the Uniform Board. For local guidance, Airmen are encouraged to consult their immediate chain of command for clarification on standards and policies.

NOTE: Official changes to policy and the overall uniform program fall under the discretion of Headquarters Air Force and the Uniform Board. All personnel are encouraged to review the entire Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress & Appearance of Air Force Personnel, available under the Policy expandable menu. Airmen should also note that any dress and appearance standards not listed as explicitly authorized in AFI 36-2903, or subsequent guidance updates, are unauthorized. 


The Air Force announced new rules April 23, 2019, on Operational Camouflage Pattern uniforms that aim to better fit the needs of Airmen and the jobs they do while also holding fast to tradition. The changes highlighted include authorization of the Two-piece Flight Duty Uniform in garrison and updated patch guidance for the OCP uniform.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein said that in response to overwhelming feedback received from Airmen, the Air Force will make an easy ‘sleeve swap’ of the patch configuration to further elevate its focus on honoring the heritage of squadrons as the war-fighting units of the world’s greatest Air Force. Squadron patches will now be worn on the right sleeve along with the U.S. flag and the higher headquarters patch will move to the left sleeve of the OCP.

Additionally, to provide commanders with expanded uniform options to fit the myriad of missions, the two-piece flight suit, otherwise known as the 2PFDU, is now authorized to be worn in both garrison and deployed locations. The 2PFDU continues an effort to provide Airmen with improved form, fit and function to perform their duties in any environment.

The traditional flight duty uniform will also continue to be an option. Squadron commanders will now have the flexibility to make combat uniform decisions based on what is best for their Airmen to meet mission requirements. Read the full article here.


Airmen are authorized to wear previously–owned, serviceable OCPs, including the Operation Enduring Freedom-Camouflage Pattern commonly referred to as the Multi-cam.

Airmen will wear a basic configuration consisting of name and USAF tapes, U.S. Flag and rank:

  • The subdued black and green cloth flag is authorized for wear until June 1, 2020, then the spice brown US flag will be the only accepted version. Infrared US flags are not authorized
  • The USAF name tape, blouse name tape and rank must be either Velcro or sewn--they must all be affixed in the same manner
  • Independently, the patrol cap name tape and occupational badge may be either sewn or Velcro and do not have to match the rest of the blouse or each other in that manner

Higher headquarters and unit patches will be mandatory on April 1, 2021, or when color conversion to spice brown is completed, whichever is soonest. Until then, current subdued versions of HHQ and/or unit patches may be worn. Colored patches are not authorized with one exception:  combat patches earned by prior-service Soldiers can be worn in their current color configuration and will not be converted to the spice brown color criteria.

Occupational badges will be worn 1/2-inch above the US Air Force name tape, including those previously worn on the pocket.

Authorized duty identifier tabs are listed in Table 5.3.

Airmen may wear other services' qualification badges, if earned and awarded, i.e.:  Ranger tab, SERE, etc. Award criteria for other services’ qualification badges will be in accordance with the awarding service’s directives.



The timeline below shows when certain Army & Air Force Exchange Service Military Clothing Sales stores will have OCPs available for purchase. The release of OCPs will occur in the middle of the identified month.

Guard and Reserve Airmen will purchase OCPs through the KYLOC online clothing website and should refer to the zip code locator linked below to verify purchase eligibility at the listed location.