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Interservice Transfer

The purpose of the Interservice Transfer program, or IST, is to allow qualified Sister Service commissioned officers to apply for transfer to active duty in United States Air Force to fill critically manned Air Force career fields. Sister Service officers who have been discharged from military service or who are serving in the Individual Ready Reserve are not eligible for IST, nor are warrant or chief warrant officers. Accepted applicants are transferred to the Air Force in the grade they currently hold and the Air Force does not have a warrant officer rank structure. Warrant officers may contact an Air Force Officer Training School recruiter for OTS information and application procedures. Those selected for an interservice transfer incur an Active Duty Service Commitment of four years, or three years for chaplains. Applicants may not apply for Interservice transfer to become a pilot.

eligibility criteria

Sister Service officers must request interservice transfers according to the rules and regulations of their parent services.

Parent Service authority:

    • ARMY: AR 614-120 (Army Human Resources Command)

    • NAVY: SECNAVINST 1000.7F (Navy Personnel Command) and MILPERSMAN (300-81)

    • MARINES: SECNAVINST 1000.7F (Marines Corps Commandant Manpower Management) MCO

    • COAST GUARD: M1000.4 Military Separation - Chapter 1, Sec 1.A.3


An officer must meet the eligibility criteria for appointment in AFI 36-2005, Officer Accessions.  


Transfers require that officers have no interruption of total service between their discharge or termination from their current commissions and appointments to their accession with the Air Force. Officers who transfer will receive credit for their accrued total service before transfer.

Application Processing

The IST applicants must follow procedures established by the Parent Service. Once the Parent Service has approved the IST application, the applicant must submit their application to the Air Force Interservice Transfer Program Manager. Air Force processing can take up to six months from the date of receipt. The program manager will contact the applicant upon receipt and will return applications that do not meet the Air Force eligibility criteria for an interservice transfer to the Parent Service without action.

A complete application package for Air Force processing also requires the following items:

    • Copy of the applicant's Military Human Resource Record (MHRR). Applicant must request a copy of
       their MHRR be sent to the Air Force IST Program Manager
       (AFPC.DP2LT.InterServicetrans@us.af.mil) by the parent service via 
       AMRDEC Safe Access File Exchange. Detailed instructions on how to use this service can be
       found on the website in the link 

    • Last two performance reports

    • Statement  from current commander that the applicant does not currently have failed promotion status
       and has no derogatory information on file

           -- Applicants in a deferred promotion status, i.e.:  passed over for promotion, are ineligible to apply 
             for IST

    • Source of the applicant's original commission

    • Current DD Form 2808, Report of Medical Examination, current DD Form 2807-1, Report of Medical 
and medical facility information where the applicant accomplished their physical to include a
       point of contact and phone number. Applicants age 39 and older require an electrocardiogram and
       lipid profile

           -- Rated officers will need to make an appointment with an Air Force Medical Treatment Facility to
             upload the required medical documentation listed above into the Physical Examination Processing
             Program. The rated officer will need to notify the Air Force IST Program Manager via email once

           -- Special Ops officers will need to make an appointment with an Air Force Medical Treatment 
             Facility and upload the FC-III GBC medical documentation into the Physical Examination Processing
             Program. The rated officer will need to notify the Air Force IST Program Manager via email once

    • Resume with a statement regarding why the transfer is in the best interest of national defense and of the
       individual officer

           -- Rated Officers must list their flying experience on their resume including: 

                     • Date the service member began flight training

                     • Current aeronautical rating and rating award date

                     • Total flying time and total jet time

    • Promotion/Grade History Documentation (i.e. orders, warrants, etc.,)

    • Current Record of Emergency Data

    • Current Service-member Group Life Insurance

    • Verified statement of promotion and grade history in order to determine the officer's position on the
       active duty list if not available in the MHRR

    • Verified statement of Service including Reserve time and points (Point Credit Summary)

    • Type of completed security investigation and clearance from the applicant’s organization security

    • Statement of Understanding from AFI 36-2005, Officer Accession, attachment 4, paragraph A4.14 and

    • AF Form 2030, USAF Drug and Alcohol Abuse Certificate. Include a drug abuse circumstances

    • Guard and Reserve officers only--DD Form 368, Request for Conditional Release.

           -- Release date must be 10 months from the date the DD368 is signed to allow time for processing

    • Navy and Marine Corps pilots need to document completed undergraduate flight training (fighter, multi-
       engine or helicopter) and any subsequent flight training courses

    • Army Pilots need to document completed undergraduate flight training programs (fixed wing and rotary 
        wing training)

           -- Rotary wing applicants may not transfer into a fixed wing airframe

Final Approval

The Air Force IST Program Office processes and prepares eligible applications, then presents them to the Air Force Interservice Transfer of Commissioned Officers Board, or ITCOB. The ITCOB convenes every quarter to review applications (see the board schedule below). The Air Force IST Program Manager notifies the Parent Service and candidates of the board results, whether approved or disapproved, with further instructions.


Board Schedule



Package Due Date

October - December

Dec. 15

Nov. 20

January - March

March 15


April - June

June 15

May 15

July - September

Sept. 15

Aug. 21

Career Fields Eligible for Transfer Consideration

Rated Officers Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs) -- Must be Fully Qualified

  • 11X - Pilot

  • 12X - Combat Systems Officer (CSO)

  • 13BX - Air Battle Manager (ABM)

  • 18X - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot

Professional -- Must be Fully Qualified

  • 52R - Chaplain Officer 

Non-Rated Line Officers -- Must be Fully Qualified except as noted below

  • 13CX - Special Tactics Officer (STO), 13DX - Combat Rescue Officer (CRO) and 13LX - Air Liaison Officer (ALO):

    • Sister Service officers will be required to submit application for STO, CRO or ALO selection. For information on STO selection, contact sto.recruiter@us.af.mil. For CRO, contact cro.selection@us.af.mil. For ALO, contact acca3fc.jid@us.af.mil.

    • Processing of a Sister Service-approved IST application will not begin unless the STO, CRO or ALO selection authority provides a positive selection.

    • Selection does not guarantee an approved interservice transfer as the IST and STO, CRO and ALO processes are independent of each other

  • 14N - Intel

  • 15W - Weather

  • 17D - Cyberspace Ops

  • 38F - Personnel

  • 61A - Ops Research Analyst

  • 62E - Developmental Engineer

  • 63A - Acquisition Manager

Assignment Officers for the career field of interest can provide additional AFSC information. Contact the Total Force Service Center by phone, and then follow the prompts to Active Duty Officer Assignments. Refer any questions pertaining to the IST application process to the Air Force IST Program Manager.

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