Career Field Team (CFT) Career Broadening

Each civilian career field program in the Air Force is administered by a Career Field Team located at Air Force Personnel Center.   The CFTs manage the careers of permanent civilians within their career fields by developing highly competent leaders through a variety of training and developmental programs.  

CFTs also provide assistance and information to senior functional leadership on the management of the civilian workforce, including college recruitment, employee development trends, hiring/promotion data, demographics, career progression, and other relevant information.

Career broadening opportunities with the Career Field Teams offer one-of-a-kind HR experiences and first-hand knowledge of personnel processes across the Air Force.  The CFTs have diverse members from functional communities and will gain enterprise-level HR perspectives that will pay dividends throughout their careers.  The cornerstones of the CFTs are technical experts from the operational Air Force, executing AFPC’s mission while offering top-notch support to their career fields.  Proud to Be…..AFPC!!!

CFT Force Development

The CFTs manage all force development for their career fields, including Civilian Development Education (CDE), Development Team (DT) preparation and execution, resident school and training attendance processing, MAJCOM Funded Training, application reviews, classification of position descriptions (PD), all while learning and applying the principles of HR management.  

One of the most rewarding duties and roles as a CFT Career Broadener includes providing career counseling and mentorship to career field members.

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“My experience as a Career Broadener on the [CFT] has been one of the most unique and valuable experiences in my 17 year civil service career… Becoming a Career Broadener has opened my eyes and has allowed me to think strategically and on a bigger scale.  I would recommend that others pursue opportunities as a Career Broadener!” Marcus A. Forte, FS CFT Member 2018-2021

CFT Force Management

Force management functions are the foundation of work on the CFTs.  They include processing actions related to civilian PCS, force management, assignment curtailment, DEROS management, Request for Personnel Actions (RPA), Tuition Assistance management/approval, and timely management of central salary positions and outplacements.

CFTs serve as the HR liaison between career field members and AFPC, answering an array of questions from career counseling and force development to PCS benefits and entitlements. 

“The CFT assignment ….provided me the day-to-day purview of what transpires within AFPC HR. …. Highly recommend anyone seeking HR experience to apply for this position.“ Donna Maldonado, Comm & Info CFT, 2015-2018

CFT Force Renewal

The CFTs manage multiple force renewal programs, which are developmental positions (internships) designated as part of a formal development program.  Included are Pathways Interns, Premier College Intern Program (PCIP), PALACE Acquire (PAQ) and COPPER CAP opportunities.  

These developmental programs serve as a pipeline for individuals who have recently graduated college and wish to establish an Air Force civilian career.

“The CB experience within the CFT gave me insight on the inner workings of AFPC while exposing me to programs and broadening my perspective of HR and Talent Management. Overall, the knowledge gained from this experience still affords me the opportunity to aid my current organization.”  Erica Castillo-Mitchell, Force Support CFT 2017-2020

CFT Selection Criteria

Candidate Eligibility Criteria Includes:
  • Internal Air Force employee
  • GS-11/13 or equivalent position for at least 12 months
  • At least 12 months in current position
  • Bachelor’s Degree (preferred)
CFT CB Assignment Process:
  • CBs are filled via vectoring or competitive selection.  Contact your CFT for details on your career field’s process.
  • Once selected, member will be on an MOA assignment for up to three years and outplaced by functional career field
Prime Candidates For CFTs:
  • Interested in learning about the Air Force Personnel Center
  • Outstanding performance record showing a commitment to public service
  • A history of experience leading to increased responsibility and broad perspectives
  • Able to sign a mobility agreement
  • Demonstrated skill in communication, relationship building and management, customer focus, adaptability and flexibility, and critical thinking.

CB CFT Competencies

Communication—verbal and written (phone, email, interviews, drafting policies, etc.)
  • Effective in conveying information and expressing thoughts and facts
  • Active listening and persuasion; displays openness to other’s thoughts and ideas
  • Delivering accurate and timely feedback; facilitating honest discussion
  • Social awareness; self-management
  • Expressing respect; interacting with global and cultural effectiveness
  • Inclusiveness; demonstrates commitment to creating a hospitable environment without regard to individual characteristics
Relationship Building/Management—ability to manage interactions among individuals
  • Establishing positive career field community relations
  • Successful networking; works cooperatively with others to achieve common goals, ability to understand what motivates others
  • Fostering teamwork; participates in building group identity characterized by pride, trust, and commitment
  • Building credibility with internal/external customers, building consensus
  • Conflict resolution; negotiating solutions with empathy
  • Applies critical thinking to address multiple demands in a changing environment
  • Ability to anticipate the need for change
  • Ability to operate effectively outside of functional area “comfort zone”
  • Open to new learnings and ways of doing things
  • Ability to plan and organize work in order to meet multiple and/or changing priorities/deadlines
Ethical Practice—compliance with ethical HR practices
  • Establishes a sense of integrity and professionalism in dealing with sensitive material/issues
  • Manages and protects private employee information
  • Commitment to AF Core Values
  • Follows policies, practices, and legal compliance as it pertains to ethnic background, disability, religious belief, etc.
Critical Thinking Skills
  • Interprets information to evaluate alternatives and make recommendations and draft COAs
  • Uses analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills to provide guidance to organizational stakeholders
  • Uses research methodologies to make reasonable assessments
  • Uses sound judgment to make decisions and select a course of action
Customer Focus
  • Anticipates, monitors, and meets the needs of customers
  • Responds to customers in a timely and professional manner
  • Demonstrates patience and a commitment to customer needs
  • Seeks to provide the highest quality service to all customers

GS-13 Supervisory Additional Competency

Competency:  Leadership
  1. Human Capital Management—builds and manages workforce based on organizational goals, budget considerations, and staffing needs.  Ensures that employees are appropriately recruited, selected, appraised, and rewarded; takes action to address performance problems.
  2. Conflict Management—manages and resolves conflicts, grievances, confrontations, or disagreements in a constructive manner to minimize negative impact.


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