AFOQT scores updated as AF implements new test, form

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  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
Airmen who took Form S of the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test may see their test scores updated on May 22 when the Air Force converts scores to the new Form T metric, officials said today.

According to Dr. Lisa Hughes, Chief of Air Force Personnel Assessment, all Form S scores in the official database will be converted to the Form T metric. Individuals affected include those who have already been commissioned and will not be using their AFOQT scores for personnel decisions. All Airmen scores will be converted, however, to ensure any future personnel or commissioning decisions are based on the same metric. 

The AFOQT is a selection and classification tool. Civilians, cadets and enlisted Airmen interested in a line officer commission must achieve minimum required scores to be eligible, and all rated officer candidates must meet minimum AFOQT standards for aircrew training selection.

The AFOQT Form S was last revised in 2005. Following long-standing practice, the form was updated to refresh the content, and to enable the Air Force to assess critical competencies identified by Air Force officers during a service-wide survey. This revision process to Form T is not unique. This change will have no impact on airmen who have completed all board selection processes.

"Those who have taken the Form S version of the AFOQT do not need to do anything. Their scores will be converted to be comparable to Form T scores," said Dr. Hughes.  "Because thousands will have their records updated, we simply want to ensure Airmen who took the test on the S form are aware of the update and transition so they aren't surprised if they see that their scores were converted."

Scores are converted by using each individual's raw scores from Form S and determining the corresponding percentile in the Form T reference population. 

The new test includes changes and improvements such as a new reading comprehension test based on officer professional military education materials, an updated instrument comprehension test with clearer graphics and modernized instrument displays, and other changes to improve test reliability, currency and breadth of test content," Hughes explained. "Form T also includes a situational judgment test that requires officer candidates to identify effective responses to challenging and realistic leadership and interpersonal scenarios that junior officers may face."

Of note, AFROTC cadets graduating in 2015 will be commissioned using the Form S metric and USAFA cadets graduating in 2015 will use the Form S metric to compute their pilot candidate selection method score. 

The updated AFOQT assesses candidates on verbal analogies, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, math knowledge, reading comprehension, physical science, table reading, instrument comprehension, block counting, aviation information and situational judgment.  Scores from the subtests generate verbal, quantitative, academic, pilot, combat systems operator and air battle manager composite scores.  Beginning in summer 2015, scores on the situational judgment test will also be available for candidates who have taken Form T.

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