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Base of Preference / CONUS to CONUS Assignments


The CONUS to CONUS Assignment program began in January and provides enlisted Airmen who have 48 months' time on station the opportunity to apply for available Permanent Change of Station assignments in the Continental United States, or CONUS, through an immediate, straightforward and transparent process. The latest evolution of the Base of Preference program, CONUS Assignments now includes:

  • First-Term Airmen who have a Career Job Reservation and have been selected for reenlistment
  • Career Airmen in all Air Force Specialty Codes who have at least 48 months' time on station as of August 2019 (April assignment cycle)
  • Airmen in the Security Forces career field (3P)

The Air Force’s Personnel Center will send targeted messages directly to eligible Airmen assigned to CONUS locations, which will include cutoff dates and links to submit their applications. AFPC will then post the available CONUS locations where Air Force requirements exist--by skill level and Air Force Specialty Code--on the Assignment Management System, similar to the Overseas and Overseas Returnee/CONUS Mandatory Mover assignment cycles. If an AFSC is not listed, no available requirement in that AFSC exists that quarter. 

This final step in the initiative normalizes the process that began in April 2018, simplifying the BOP application so Airmen and commanders can make professional development and career decisions by aligning preferences with available requirements.

These programmatic changes do not include nor affect any other assignment programs at this time, nor will they impact Battlefield Airmen (now Special Warfare Airmen) or Enlisted Aircrew. Additionally, Airmen eligible to apply for this CONUS assignment program should continue to use the virtual Military Personnel Flight assignment preference application.

First Term Airman BOP Info

First-term Airmen must have an approved career job reservation, or CJR, prior to application and must submit their BOP requests prior to reenlistment.


There is no minimum time-on-station for an FTA applying for an In-Place BOP. However, an FTA who wishes to move, permanent change of station (PCS), under this program must complete 12 months TOS before the departure date. Individuals approved for a BOP are authorized a two-year assignment deferment.


First-term Airmen serving overseas may request BOP consideration after they receive their date eligible for return from overseas (DEROS) Election Option RIP or Forecast Notification RIP. Airmen must obtain the minimum PCS retainability for CONUS PCS in order to apply for Overseas-to-CONUS BOP consideration. Airmen may list up to eight CONUS bases for Overseas-to-CONUS BOP. The preferences will be considered in the exact order listed. Airmen requesting overseas-to-CONUS BOPs will be reassigned through the normal overseas returnee process if BOP is disapproved.


The option for FTA to apply for a BOP in conjunction with retraining still exists.


FTA BOP applications are considered on a monthly-basis. If you are an FTA and 60 days have passed since your in-system application, you may request a status update through your local personnel office.

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