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The CONUS to CONUS Assignment program began in January and provides enlisted Airmen who have 48 months' time on station the opportunity to apply for available Permanent Change of Station assignments in the Continental United States, or CONUS, through an immediate, straightforward and transparent process. The latest evolution of the Base of Preference program, CONUS Assignments now includes:

  • First-Term Airmen who have a Career Job Reservation and have been selected for reenlistment
  • Career Airmen in all Air Force Specialty Codes who have at least 48 months' time on station as of August 2019 (April assignment cycle)
  • Airmen in the Security Forces career field (3P)

The Air Force’s Personnel Center will send targeted messages directly to eligible Airmen assigned to CONUS locations, which will include cutoff dates and links to submit their applications. AFPC will then post the available CONUS locations where Air Force requirements exist--by skill level and Air Force Specialty Code--on the Assignment Management System, similar to the Overseas and Overseas Returnee/CONUS Mandatory Mover assignment cycles. If an AFSC is not listed, no available requirement in that AFSC exists that quarter. 

This final step in the initiative normalizes the process that began in April 2018, simplifying the BOP application so Airmen and commanders can make professional development and career decisions by aligning preferences with available requirements.

These programmatic changes do not include nor affect any other assignment programs at this time, nor will they impact Battlefield Airmen (now Special Warfare Airmen) or Enlisted Aircrew. Additionally, Airmen eligible to apply for this CONUS assignment program should continue to use the virtual Military Personnel Flight assignment preference application.

CONUS Assignment FAQs

Q1.  Where is this “CONUS to CONUS Assignments” list in AMS?

A1.  The list used for CONUS to CONUS assignments is the EQUAL Overseas Returnee/CONUS Mandatory Movers Assignments Listing. We are working with IT to get "CONUS Assignments" added to the name for future cycles.

CONUS Assignment Cycle How To Guide:
1) Log on to AMS through AFPC Secure (the link is in your AFPC email; copy & paste into your browser)
2) Hover your mouse over the Enlisted Assignments tab on the blue bar
3) Hover over Assignment Lists
4) Click on EQUAL Overseas Returnee/CONUS Mandatory Movers 
5) Select your rank (or the rank of the person you're assisting)
6) Select the desired AFSC
7) Under Assignment Locations, select "All Locations" and click the Search button
8) AMS will display a list below the Search button of all jobs that fit that rank/AFSC combo. If nothing appears, there are no requirements available this cycle
9) Update your assignment preferences on the virtual Military Personnel Flight, or vMPF, based on those assignment locations listed after you click Search

Q2.  I have a pending Career Airman BOP request at AFPC. What now? OR
I just got an email saying my BOP was disapproved and to review the upcoming CONUS Assignment cycle and submit my assignment preferences. How do I resubmit?
A2.  ALL pending Career Airmen BOPs have been or will be returned as "Disapproved." What that really means is they are being returned without action by AFPC because BOP has evolved in the CONUS to CONUS assignment program. If your BOP was returned in this manner, you must go to the EQUAL Overseas Returnee/CONUS Mandatory Movers Assignments listing and update your assignment preferences in vMPF based on what locations have a requirement for your AFSC/rank. DO NOT resubmit your BOP through the old process.

Q3.  Where do I update my assignment preferences?
A3.  Update your preferences in vMPF based on what locations actually have a requirement for your rank/AFSC. Submission of your preferences does not guarantee selection. However, it does enhance AFPC’s ability to match you to an available CONUS location. All PCS rules still apply.


Q4.  I have more than 48 months’ Time on Station and I didn’t get an email from AFPC about the CONUS Assignment cycle.

A4.  If no email was received, one of two things has happened:

1) You're not eligible this cycle due to some ineligibility factor in your records OR
2) No requirement existed THIS CYCLE for your AFSC/rank configuration


Q5.  I’m in a Developmental Special Duty (DSD) position trying to submit a BOP back to my primary AFSC. What list do I use?

A5.  DSD Airmen who are moving back to their primary AFSC will use the EQUAL Overseas Returnee/CONUS Mandatory Movers Assignments listing for their primary AFSC and rank to update their assignment preferences in vMPF based on what locations have a requirement for their AFSC/rank. Do not submit a BOP request. The CONUS to CONUS Assignment program replaces BOP for you.


Q6.  I was vectored for Developmental Special Duty (DSD) during the last cycle. If I get picked up for a CONUS assignment, will that cancel my DSD vector?

A6.  Which assignment you receive will depend on which one gets input into the system first.


Q7.  What about those of us with a Code 50?

A7.  At this time, Code 50 personnel will continue to be eligible to volunteer for a BOP nine to 12 months prior to the expiration of the Code 50 (as normal). The best course of action is to apply 12 months out. If the assignments team doesn't provide a response on approval or disapproval for four to six weeks, then Airmen would most likely have another BOP opportunity during the 9 to 12-month window. If the BOP request is not approved, they will be pulled into the OSR/CMM/CONUS assignment cycle based upon their Code 50 expiration date.


Q8.  How does this affect First Term Airman BOPs?

A8.  For the April cycle, FTA's will now use the CONUS to CONUS Assignment program rather than submitting a BOP request, the same process as career Airmen. First-term Airmen must have an approved career job reservation, or CJR, prior to application and must submit their updated location preferences via vMPF prior to reenlistment.


Q9.  How does this affect Join Spouse or mil-to-mil couples?

A9.  Military couples are eligible for the CONUS to CONUS Assignment program, however, each individual must update their assignment preferences in vMPF using the EQUAL Overseas Returnee/CONUS Mandatory Movers Assignments listing AND be eligible in their own right. See AFI 36-2110, Assignments, for specific rules on this program and military couples. 


Q10.  I received an email stating I’m eligible for a CONUS to CONUS assignment this cycle, but I BOP’d to my current base. I thought you can’t have two consecutive BOPs, so am I really eligible?

A10.  If you received the email, you ARE eligible as the CONUS to CONUS Assignment program is the evolution of the BOP, and just to make things simpler, we removed the requirement that you can’t do consecutive BOPs.


Q11. Who's more likely to get their assignment preference?

A11. CONUS assignment requests will be considered in the following priority order:  Overseas Returnees-OSR, CONUS Mandatory Movers-CMM and then CONUS to CONUS volunteers.

First Term Airman BOP Info

First-term Airmen must have an approved career job reservation, or CJR, prior to application and must submit their BOP requests prior to reenlistment.


There is no minimum time-on-station for an FTA applying for an In-Place BOP. However, an FTA who wishes to move, permanent change of station (PCS), under this program must complete 12 months TOS before the departure date. Individuals approved for a BOP are authorized a two-year assignment deferment.


First-term Airmen serving overseas may request BOP consideration after they receive their date eligible for return from overseas (DEROS) Election Option RIP or Forecast Notification RIP. Airmen must obtain the minimum PCS retainability for CONUS PCS in order to apply for Overseas-to-CONUS BOP consideration. Airmen may list up to eight CONUS bases for Overseas-to-CONUS BOP. The preferences will be considered in the exact order listed. Airmen requesting overseas-to-CONUS BOPs will be reassigned through the normal overseas returnee process if BOP is disapproved.


The option for FTA to apply for a BOP in conjunction with retraining still exists.


FTA BOP applications are considered on a monthly-basis. If you are an FTA and 60 days have passed since your in-system application, you may request a status update through your local personnel office.

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