Some federal positions such as Air Traffic Controllers (ATC), Firefighters (FF), and Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) may be eligible for Special Retirement Program (SRP) coverage. The approved listings have been updated and the approval memo associated with each position description may be viewed by clicking the PD# Link.

DODI 1400.25 Volume 336 AFI 36-146 Civilian Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers

This updated instruction addresses the establishment of a DAF-level policy specifying requirements or standards for special retirement coverage provisions for civilian Fire Fighter and Law Enforcement positions.     

For additional support, please address enquires via POCs listed below. 

  • For questions regarding assistance with position description packages for SRC approval, Classification (Policy and Oversight) at: AFPC/DP3FC Workflow
  • For questions regarding retirements and benefits, mandatory separation, etc associated with SRC, contact the Civilian Support Branch at:
  • For questions regarding maximum entry age/waivers, hiring and other staffing support, contact Staffing Support at:
DODI1400 DAFI 36-146

PD Listings

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