Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal

The Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal was approved by the Secretary of the Air Force to recognize U.S. Air Force military members in a non-deployed status who directly participated in a Department of Defense combat operation from a remote location. Initial qualifying DOD combat operations are:  Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn, Nomad Shadow, Freedom’s Sentinel, Inherent Resolve, Odyssey Lightning and Pacific Eagle-Philippines. The Chief of Staff of the Air Force designates future DOD combat operations that will qualify for the medal.  

The medal is awarded to Air Force military members who, on or after Sept. 11, 2001, distinguished themselves by direct participation in a DOD combat operation, under the following conditions:

  1. Was assigned or attached to a unit directly supporting a DOD combat operation as approved by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force,
  2. Was serving in a remotely piloted aircraft; cyber; space; or Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance career field,
  3. Personally provided hands-on employment of a weapon system that had direct and immediate impact on a named combat operation (“hands-on” defined as employment of a weapons system, including remote employment, or other activities that had a direct, immediate and on-site effect on the outcome of an engagement or similar operation), and
  4. Was not physically exposed to hostile actions or at risk of exposure to hostile action.

Airmen will wear the first Remote Combat Effects Campaign Medal awarded and will wear a bronze service star for any subsequent medal awarded to recognize each qualifying DOD combat operation in which the Airman participated for one or more days.

The medal bears a bronze color 1 ¼ inch metal disc bearing a starburst. The starburst behind the grid-lined sphere conveys power and the ability to remotely effect the battlefield, anywhere in the world. The delta followed by the contrail portrays the remotely piloted aircraft and weapons systems. The Hap Arnold symbol denotes the U.S. Air Force. The reverse bears a circular inscription, “COMBAT EFFECTS CAMPAIGN” above, and “UNITED STATES AIR FORCE” below, and a “Hap Arnold” symbol above a stacked inscription that reads “REMOTE COMBAT SUPPORT”. A pair of beveled deltas flank the circular inscription.

The ribbon is predominantly blue, with a wide light blue center stripe flanked on either side by a narrow white stripe. The colors represent the U.S. Air Force

Bronze Service Star

Weighted Airman Promoted System Points: 0

(NOTE:  Currently, the RCECM does not reflect appropriately on individual’s vMPF Awards and Decorations Information screen)