Armed Forces Reserve Medal


The Armed Forces Reserve Medal was authorized by President Truman by Executive Order 10163, dated Sept. 25, 1950. The Executive Order was amended by Executive Order, dated Aug. 6, 1996, to include authorization for award based on mobilization.



Awarded to any service member or former service member of the Reserve components of the U.S. armed forces who completes or has completed a total of 10 years of honorable and satisfactory military service in one or more Reserve component of the armed forces.


This service does not need to be consecutive as long as service occurs within a period of 12 consecutive years. The hourglass device denotes each additional 10-year period of service. (Determine eligibility for the AFRM from AF Form 526, ANG/USAFR Point Credit Summary. Do not credit service as a Regular Officer, Warrant Officer, or Enlisted Person).


Executive Order Number 13013 covers provisions for the award of the M device which may be worn on this medal/ribbon for qualifying service on or after Aug. 1, 1990. (For award of the M device, the member must be called involuntarily to active duty under section 12301(a) of Title 10, U.S.C. (full mobilization), section 12302 (partial mobilization), or section 12304 (Presidential call-up). The M device may also be awarded if the member volunteered and served on active duty in support of a designated contingency operation, as defined in Title 10, U.S.C. Participation in additional contingencies will be designated with an Arabic numeral).


If no M device is authorized, the appropriate hourglass-bronze for 10 years of service, silver for 20 years, gold for 30 years, or bronze and gold for 40 years will be worn. The appropriate hourglass goes in the center of the ribbon. If no hourglass is authorized, the M device is centered on the ribbon, followed by the numeric device on the wearer's left.


If both the hour glass and the "M" device are awarded, the hourglass(s) shall be positioned in first position on the ribbon (at the wearer's right), the "M" device in middle position, and the number of times the "M" device has been awarded in the remaining position (at the wearer's left).


Creditable service is when members accumulate a minimum of 50 retirement points during each anniversary year according to Title 10, U.S.C., Section 1332.  Determine eligibility for the AFRM from AF Form 526, ANG/USAFR Point Credit Summary.  Do not credit service as a Regular officer, warrant officer, or enlisted person.



A bronze medal 1 1/4 inches in diameter, with a flaming torch in front of a crossed powder horn and a bugle within a circle composed of thirteen stars and thirteen rays. On the reverse is a different design for each of the Reserve Components. The reverse of all medals has the inscription “ARMED FORCES RESERVE” around the rim. Organized Reserve: On a wreath, the Lexington Minuteman statue as it stands on the Common in Lexington, Massachusetts, encircled by thirteen stars. National Guard: The National Guard insignia (two crossed fasces superimposed on an eagle displayed with wings reversed. Air Force Reserve: The crest from the Air Forces seal (on a wreath, an eagle displayed in front of a cloud form).



Hourglass, M device and Arabic numerals