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NATO Medal-Kosovo Operations


This award is authorized by the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for specific NATO operations relating to Kosovo. In accordance with Executive Order 11446, Jan. 16, 1969, the Secretary of Defense has approved acceptance and wear by U.S. service members who meet criteria specified by the Secretary General of NATO effective Oct. 13, 1998 – TBD.



Please refer to DOD 1348.33-M, Chapter 7, paragraph C7.5.1.11 for specific individual eligibility requirements.


The following are Kosovo Operations:


Operations Allied Force (March 24, 1999 – June 10, 1999)

Joint Guardian (June 11, 1999 – TBD)

Allied Harbour (April 4, 1999 – Sept. 1, 1999)

Sustain Hope/Shining Hope (April 4, 1999 – July 10, 1999)

Noble Anvil March 24, 1999 – July 20, 1999)

Kosovo Task Force Hawk (April 5, 1999 – June 24, 1999)

Kosovo Task Force Saber (March 31, 1999 – July 8, 1999)

Kosovo Task Force Falcon (June 11, 1999 – TBD, coincides with Joint Guardian)

Kosovo Task Force Hunter (April 1, 1999 – Nov. 1, 1999)


To recognize subsequent awards (if approved by the Secretary of Defense) for service in a different NATO operation, U.S. service members will affix a bronze service star to the NATO Medal suspension medal and ribbon.



Service Star when worn on uniform; operation clasp when on display



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