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Department of the Air Force officials have selected 108 technical sergeants for promotion to master sergeant, 366 sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant and 463 Space Force specialist 4s for promotion to sergeant in the 24S7, 24S6 and 24S5 promotion cycles.
Air Force officials have selected 6,914 staff sergeants for promotion to technical sergeant out of 35,328 eligible for a selection rate of 19.57 percent in the 24E6 promotion cycle, which includes supplemental promotion opportunities.
We can expect many opportunities for citizens to participate in the democratic process but with this in mind, it is important to be aware of specific guidelines that apply to service members and federal employees on acceptable behavior.
As part of an expansion of a Defense Department pilot program that kicked off in February 2023, most Uniformed Services Identification, or USID, card holders can now renew their cards online and receive them in the mail, instead of having to schedule an appointment at an ID card office. 

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