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August enlisted in-system supplemental promotion list released

August 2018 in-system supplemental released

(U.S. Air Force graphic by Kat Bailey)

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas -- The Air Force selected 500 Airmen today for promotion via the enlisted in-system supplemental promotion process.


After some Airmen were improperly considered under the wrong subset of their Air Force Specialty Code during the technical sergeant/18E6 promotion cycle, the Air Force’s Personnel Center wanted to get corrected results to Airmen as soon as possible.  All 18E6 records that were ready for supplemental consideration, including those under the wrong AFSC subset, were considered during this additional supplemental release. 


Prior to releasing the list, the Air Force’s Personnel Center provided senior raters and their trusted agents access to their respective selects through the Enlisted Promotion Release application, or EPROM, 48-hours in advance of the public release notification. AFPC will continue to provide seven calendar days’ advance notice for the results of regular enlisted promotion releases.


The list is available by clicking the “Supplemental Promotion Selects” button on the right side of the Enlisted Promotions page of the AFPC public website.