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Air Force releases 20E9, 20S9 promotion cycle statistics

Blue Graphic with Chief Master Sergeant stripes, announcing the promotion release

Congratulations to the 520 Air and Space professionals selected for chief master sergeant in the 20E9 and 20S9 promotion cycles! The lists are available on the Enlisted Promotions page of Air Force’s Personnel Center public website, myPers and the Air Force Portal. (U.S. Air Force graphic by Staff Sgt. Sahara L. Fales)


Air Force officials have selected 518 senior master sergeants for promotion to chief master sergeant, out of 2,763 eligible, for a selection rate of 18.75 percent in the 20E9 promotion cycle.

In addition, the Space Force also selected two senior master sergeants for promotion to chief master sergeant, out of eight eligible, for a selection rate of 25 percent in the 20S9 promotion cycle.

The average overall score for those selected was 393.23. Selectees’ average time in grade was 2.84 years and time in service was 20.80 years.

The promotion lists are available on the Enlisted Promotions page of the Air Force’s Personnel Center website, the Air Force Portal and myPers. Airmen can access their score notices on the virtual Military Personnel Flight via the AFPC secure applications page. Space Professionals will receive their score notices via email.

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