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Special duty assignment pay now available for EOD Airmen

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Air Force officials recently approved special duty assignment pay for most Airmen in the explosive ordnance disposal career field.

Since 2002, the overall retention rates for EOD Airmen has declined by 30 percent because of high operations tempo and the inherent dangers involved in this demanding career field.

To help sustain the EOD force, additional funding of $3.5 million per year is slated through fiscal 2014 to support EOD personnel. In addition to increasing selective re-enlistment bonuses, all EOD Airmen will receive a monthly special duty assignment payment of $150 for senior airmen, $300 for staff sergeants, and $375 for technical through chief master sergeants.

"It's important that we keep this critical career field appropriately manned, so its Airmen can continue to support future Air Force missions," said Maj. Gen. Del Eulberg, the Air Force Civil Engineer at the Pentagon.

The SDAP program is reserved for enlisted members who are entitled to basic pay and who are performing duties that have been designated as extremely difficult or involving an unusual degree of responsibility in a military skill.

The Army and Navy have similar incentive programs in place to retain these specialized EOD personnel.

For more information about special duty assignment pay, visit AFPC's "Ask" Web site by entering "SDAP" in the search engine. Individuals can also contact the 24-hour Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775.