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AFPC testing fix for electronic forms

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Air Force Personnel Center officials here are confident that the developer of the Air Force's electronic forms program/viewer will have a final solution in the next few weeks to fix the blank line issue with electronic evaluations forms.

An ongoing review of electronic evaluations revealed problems with blank lines appearing on printed copies that are not visible on digital versions. This error cannot be corrected once the evaluation is digitally signed by individuals within the rating chain, as the digital signature locks the evaluation.

The developer, IBM, deployed a new viewer to AFPC last week where a government team began testing to verify fix actions.

"Having IBM here on site was instrumental to getting a fix worked quickly," said Col. Glenn Rattell, AFPC Personnel Data Systems director. "When we contacted them, they were very responsive."

"If the issue can be resolved, and no other issues arise, our goal is to have the final solution, which will be a new viewer, within the coming weeks," said Mr. Will Brown, AFPC's Evaluations section chief.

"If it's successful, this new viewer will need to be deployed across the Air Force," he added.

The Air Force began using the new electronic evaluation form in August 2007.