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Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program selectees announced

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Officials at the Air Force Personnel Center here selected 31 enlisted Airmen to attend the Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program beginning in either fall 2008 or spring 2009.

Those attending fall 2008 are:
Tech. Sgt. Meki Bocage
Tech. Sgt. Michele Bortvit
Tech. Sgt. Samuel Cash
Tech. Sgt. Samuel Cerezo
Tech. Sgt. Edson Charles
Tech. Sgt. Kristin Coates
Tech. Sgt. Marya Molette
Tech. Sgt. Rosio Piz
Tech. Sgt. William Young
Staff Sgt. Elias Ayala
Staff Sgt. Richard Brocksmith
Staff Sgt. Rachel Broussard
Staff Sgt. Warren Carter
Staff Sgt. Markeisha Clark
Staff Sgt. Jason Howell
Staff Sgt. Ladetra Johnson
Staff Sgt. Michele Patterson
Staff Sgt. Erica Sanders
Staff Sgt. Darline Villanueva
Staff Sgt. Amanda Wholly
Senior Airman Nicole Clement
Senior Airman Markia Gilbert
Senior Airman Wendell Miculob
Senior Airman Brand Valenzuela

Those attending spring 2009 are:
Tech. Sgt. Cristi Dueker-Bray
Tech. Sgt. Sandy Henkens
Tech. Sgt. Takeyla Roberts
Tech. Sgt. Lakesha Sawyer
Staff Sgt. Kristin Blouin
Staff Sgt. Falisha Carman
Staff Sgt. Maria Magistrado

The program offers active duty enlisted personnel the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree in a high-need academic major. NECP students will complete their degree at a college or university with an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps detachment or a college or university with a "cross-town agreement."

Students will commission after passing the National Council Licensure Examination and then attend commissioned officer training and the nurse transition program. Students will be required to attend school year-round for up to 24 consecutive calendar months, to include summer sessions.

Airmen who successfully complete the nurse training program will be commissioned as second lieutenants.

The next NECP board is scheduled for May 2009. Revised NECP guidelines will be available in January 2009.

For more information, contact the local base education office.